2020 Agenda

Day One - 4 June 2020 THU

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  2. Opening remarks from the chair

Section 1: Development of e-commerce and challenges brought to packaging

Fast growth of e-commerce in Asian market where the packaging industry must adapt.

  1. Outlook of ecommerce packaging industry in Asian market

    Ciaran Little, VP of Business Development & Director of Operations: Asia Pacific, Smithers

    As ecommerce, mobile commerce and even voice commerce become more and more significant channels for retail the packaging industry must adapt. This creates an interesting mix of challenges and opportunities to packaging companies. This presentation will provide an overview of e-commerce packaging’s development and trend.

  2. Case study of a CPG brand: What ecommerce changed the requirement on packaging compared with traditional retail channels

    Grace Chen, Packaging Development Manager, Johnson & Johnson

    Since e-commerce became a significant channel, it has brought the new requirements on packaging. This presentation will share the story of a CPG’s input and development on more sustainable packaging for ecommerce.

  3. Green Packaging for ecommerce and the cost absorption

    The increasing amount of packaging caused by rapid-growing ecommerce also led to more and more concern on sustainability. Green Packaging is called by not only customers and NGOs, but also regulators. Idea of green packaging is great, however the cost of green packaging needs to be paid and the question is by whom?

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Section 2: Regulatory landscape and standards

Existing and upcoming regulations and standards to guide and regulating e-commerce packaging.

  1. Topic TBC

    Kang Li, Director, China Post

  2. Full-link packaging testing standards from ecommerce platform

    Duan Yanjian, Chief Packaging Expert, JD Logistics

    In addition to the policies and regulations introduced by government, ecommerce platforms also work on their own standards to ensure the sustainability of packaging. This presentation will share a comprehensive testing and verification system from a mature ecommerce platform.

  3. Tests for e-commerce packages

    This session will dive in standards and tests done globally for packing for the purpose of compliance or meeting the requirements of big ecommerce platforms, as where will be the momentum of ecommerce packaging.

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Section 3: Ecommerce package for different goods

 Requirements on packaging for different products when it comes to different goods. 

  1. Fresh food/meal delivery packaging challenges

    The increasing demand of customers shopping online for fresh food/meals has driven ecommerce platform to look for more sustainable and innovative packaging solutions. The nature of fresh food/meal determines that requirements on packaging is sticker.

  2. Challenges of delivering ecommerce packages, for instance, large items

    Delivery of goods sold via ecommerce channels has been one of the core topics for brands and ecommerce platforms, which’s especially harder for certain sort of goods: large items such as refrigerators and dishwashers. this presentation will share an innovative and sustainable packaging solutions for delivering large items, without sacrifice the function of protecting goods.

  3. Case study: FMCG Packaging

    This session will share a case study from a FMCG company about the packaging development and innovation for ecommerce channel, for a final purpose of sustainability. 

  4. Case study: Fashion and Clothing packaging

    Fashion and Clothing occupies a big portion of ecommerce business, what kind of packaging challenges are facing them and what the innovative solutions look like.

  5. Panel: Challenges for e-commerce packaging for different products: Food & Beverage, FMCG, Catering and takeaways…

  6. Networking break

Section 4: Collaboration of the whole supply Chain

Collaborating throughout the whole supply chain for better packaging solutions.

  1. Case Study: Whole supply chain working together for better ecommerce packaging approach

    Tetra Pak

    This session will share a case study: how to leverage external partners from upstream and downstream to work out a better packaging solution more effectively.

  2. End to end supply chain

    Different from the traditional supply chain, Simple functional supply chain, or Integrated supply chain, what is a modern and optimized supply chain solution from end to end looks like.

  3. Last mile delivery

    The last mile delivery is extremely important, and it is also a very complicated system. The region, the type of goods transported, and the type of customer make the last mile transportation in various ways. This presentation will focus on different approaches of the last mile delivery, and how new technologies can help.

  4. Next generation of delivery technologies, and how it would impact ecommerce.

    Thanks to the rapid development of technologies, methods different from traditional labour delivery become possible. This session will discuss next generation of delivery technologies, which would take less even no labour and/or common resources.

  5. Panel: Supply chain work together for the future of ecommerce packaging

  6. Chair’s closing remarks

Day Two - 5 June 2020 FRI

Registration & Welcome

  1. Registration and refreshments

  2. Opening remarks from the chair

Section 5: Sustainability in e-commerce packaging

Efforts and achievement on the sustainability in ecommerce packaging. 

  1. Anti-Plastic and Anti-Single Use movement on e-commerce packaging


    New packaging solution and delivery models are emerging to counter the more and more waste caused by ecommerce, especially in plastic packaging.  

  2. Recycling and Reuse of ecommerce packaging

    This presentation will share a case study/ good example how ecommerce packaging is recycled and reused. 

  3. Shipped In Own Container / E-commerce packaging reduction approaches

    This session will discuss the approaches of reducing ecommerce packaging, for instance shipped in own container. A good example from the packaging industry and ecommerce market.

  4. Networking break

  5. Panel: What we can do to improve the sustainability of ecommerce packaging? Perspectives from the whole supply chain/value chain

  6. Networking lunch

Section 6: New Technologies and new experience of e-commerce packaging

New technologies and innovations adopted to create new experience of ecommerce via packaging.

  1. Unboxing experience of e-commerce packaging

    How to build the connection with the customers when you’re not able to talk to and make influence on them face to face like traditional retails enabled? Unboxing experience is new topic for brands. This session will share good examples of this type.

  2. Collaborating with customers for omni-channel success


    No mattered sold in stores or online, goods are goods, which is the customer paid for. Is there a packaging solution for all channels? This presentation will share the ideas and good examples of Omni-Channel packaging.

  3. Packaging personalization and late stage customization

    Wouter Sieben, Nozomi Sales Development Manager- Asia Pacific, EFI

    New technologies enabled the personalization of customization of packaging and what the difference it makes compared with traditional uniform packaging. How would it help on branding and on differentiating with your competitors?

  4. Traceability/ transparency/anticounterfeiting via intelligent packaging system

    Via intelligent packaging and smart packaging, traceability/transparency/anticounterfeiting are accessible for customers, and help them build their confidence and trust in the products they bought, especially when the reliability of the goods is essential, for instance, baby foods. 

  5. Intelligent packaging solution: algorithms for right-sized packaging

    New technology is applied to customize the best fit size of packaging. This presentation will share a case study of how ecommerce platform leverages algorithms for right sized packaging. 

  6. Networking break

Section 7: Ecommerce package innovation- new material, technologies and design

Good examples and case study of innovations and development of ecommerce packaging. 

  1. Delighting online shoppers with primary packaging solutions

    Yi Jiang, Director, Ecommerce and Business Development, Amcor

    New materials are developed in primary/ secondary packaging industry for ecommerce channels to support sustainability and protect our environment.

  2. Innovation in corrugated packaging for ecommerce

    Corrugated packaging benefits a lot due to the booming of ecommerce platforms, meanwhile it’s also required to seek for greener solutions of packaging. 

  3. Case Study: Innovative Design for ecommerce design

    Innovative packaging design plays a significant role on the roadmap to sustainability. this session will share good examples of innovative designs of ecommerce packaging.

  4. The future of e-commerce packaging.

    Steve Harrod, Consultant, Smithers