2019 Agenda

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Monday 25 March

Omnichannel packaging design workshop and site visit to reBuy logistic centre

  1. Registration and welcome refreshment

  2. Gallery walk - what is good and what is bad?

    This workshop discusses the implications that Omnichannel Retailing has for both graphical and structural packaging design, and gives valuable insight into how online expert reBuy applies these principles throughout its supply chain.

    Attendees will be asked to bring along images or examples of e-commerce packaging solutions that have either enthused or disappointed them, as the starting point for discussions.

  3. Easy-to-open, ready-to-ship, frustration-free, sustainable - How best to meet the packaging demands of Omnichannel retailing

    Claudia Rivinius | Marketing Director of STI Group, Germany

  4. Omnichannel packaging along the shopper journey - a cognitive, psychological and multisensual perspective

    Frank Rönspiess | Managing Partner of IMPLIZIT GmbH, Germany

    - Shoppers perception on their omnichannel journey
    - Optimise shopper communication from a neuro perspective
    - Multisensual shopper activation sells better

  5. Brown bag coffee break

    At each table there will be a topic for participants to discuss

  6. Site visit to reBuy Fufillment Centre, Berlin - SOLD OUT

    Rebuy's logistics centre in Berlin handles thousands of orders every day, as well as deliveries from customers who sell used goods to the service provider. In the meantime, around 100,000 articles are traded, unpacked, repacked and prepared for dispatch every day in the warehouse in Rudow. The packaging plays a central role in internal logistics and at the same time should convey to the buyer that he has bought a high-quality product and that he is acting sustainably with his purchase.

  7. The reBuy success story - why is packaging so important? Building a European reCommerce leader

    Dr. Philipp Gattner | Chief Strategy Officer of reBuy reCommerce GmbH , Germany

  8. Production tour with focus on primary packaging and the picking/final packaging process

  9. Coach departs from reBuy

  10. Arrival back at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Berlin

    The site visit and workshop costs €399 to attend, including transport to the reBuy Fufillment Centre and return to the hotel.

    There are only limited spaces available, so we advise booking as soon as possible to avoid missing out!

    To register please click here: 

Tuesday 26 March

Tuesday 26 March

  1. Registration and welcome refreshment

  2. Chairman’s opening remarks

Session 1 – The future of e-commerce packaging

  1. Can e-commerce consumer trends support the increasing adoption of smart and intelligent packaging?

    Sukky Jassi | Research and Operations Manager of The Retail Institute, Leeds Beckett University, UK

    • Consumer behaviour and lifestyle trends impacting e-commerce
    • Summary and context of key e-commerce trends and recent developments in retail and packaging (global trends and a focus on Europe).
    • Current market update and assessment of smart and intelligent packaging. Where is smart and intelligent packaging gaining support and where has it worked?
    • How can e-commerce support the uptake of smart and intelligent packaging?
  2. Overview of the e-commerce packaging market, future trends and sustainability

    • Key players across the supply chain
    • Areas seeing the greatest growth
    • Global perspective and latest technology trends
    • Sustainability in e-commerce packaging
  3. Brands and retailers outlook panel: The future of e-commerce packaging - how important is ecommerce?

    Panel featuring John Lewis & Partners, Mondelēz, Mars Wrigley Confectionary, Ikea, Britvic

    Which megatrends will most affect the industry in the next few years?
    How e-commerce and increasing awareness of sustainability will change the way consumer products are packed?
    How to develop new value chains around e-commerce?


    John Munnelly, Head of Operations, Magna Park Campus, John Lewis & Partners
    Per Stoltz, Resource and Waste Leader, IKEA Group (INGKA Holding B.V.)
    Roberta Fabretti, eCommerce Marketing Lead, Mondelēz International – Europe
    Richard Walzer, Principle Designer, EMEA, Mars Wrigley Confectionary
    Dr. Will Connolly, Head of Packaging, Britvic Soft Drinks Limited


    Further panellists to be announced

  4. Morning networking break

Session 2 – Innovative technologies transforming the supply chain

  1. Complexity management with algorithms and artificial intelligence in supply chain

    Benjamín Arias Gálvez | Managing Partner of Foresta.IO, Chile

    • The world is becoming more complex, going from mass production to mass  customisation
    • This complexity introduces inefficiencies due to shorter runs and more  references to be handled
    • Current and future complexity cannot be managed by human decisions
    • How will we compete in future?  What is these new tools’ potential? 
  2. Last mile delivery - moving goods in a sustainable way

    Angela Hultberg | Global Head of Sustainable Mobility of IKEA Group (INGKA Holding B.V.), Sweden

    • Air pollution – a growing problem
    • Change in customer behaviours triggers increase in deliveries in cities
    • Commitments for a more sustainable future
    • Challenge current ways of working and finding new partners to drive transformation
  3. Panel and audience Q&A

    Panel featuring Foresta.IO, IKEA, EMOTA

    How to optimise packaging for use in supply chain?
    How does the packaging regulation/standards influence e-commerce packaging?
    Cross-border e-commerce

    Panellists included:

    Angela Hultberg, Head of sustainable mobility, IKEA Group (INGKA Holding B.V.)
    Benjamin Arias, Consultancy Head, Foresta.IO
    Alien Mulyk, Policy Advisor, EMOTA
    Ronny Sassen, Managing Director, Rhenus Home Delivery GmbH

    Further panellists to be announced

  4. Networking lunch

Session 3 - Sustainability in e-commerce packaging

  1. The end of trash, shift from single-use packaging to reusable. How and Why?

    Jonne Hellgren | Managing Director of RePack, Finland

  2. Making sustainability the core of e-commerce packaging design

    Arco Berkenbosch | Vice President Innovation and Development of Smurfit Kappa

  3. Circular IKEA and its challenges and opportunities in a multichannel environment

    Per Stoltz | Circular and Waste Manager of Sustainability IKEA Group, Sweden

    • E-commerce has led to an increase of product returns from our customers and also an increased amount of packaging materials ending up at our customers’ homes
    • Opportunities in the business model for reducing the environmental impact.
    • Circular IKEA the journey of IKEA from linear to circular

Session 4 – Retailers and brands perspectives – opportunities and challenges in e-commerce packaging

  1. Keynote: The role of packaging in brand communication and achieving growth

    Abdullatef Almalouhi | Senior Online Marketing Manager of Rakuten, Germany

    • Current and future challenges of ecommerce in achieving growth
    • The role of packaging in brand communication.
    • The role of packaging in achieving customer retention
  2. Afternoon networking refreshments break

  3. Keynote: The new age of impulse

    Richard Walzer | Principal Designer, EMEA of Mars Wrigley Confectionary, UK

    With confectionary generally purchased on impulse, Mars faces a challenge as shopping shifts to online where purchases are more planned

  4. Future packaging – connectivity and consumer engagement

    Dr. Will Connolly | Head of Packaging of Britvic Soft Drinks Limited, UK

    • How to make an everyday product special?
    • Online channel respond to a need for personalized «made for me» gifts
    • Technical consideration: digital printing
  5. Online gifts - gift worthiness through packaging personalisation

    Roberta Fabretti | eCommerce Marketing Lead of Mondelēz International – Europe

    How to make an everyday product special?
    Online channel respond to a need for personalized «made for me» gifts
    Technical consideration: digital printing

  6. Chair’s conference summary and closing remarks

  7. Networking drink reception (17:20-18:50)

    Attendees have the opportunity to join our informal and interactive round table discussion over a drink in a relaxed atmosphere. Delegates can move freely between the tables and get involved in open conversations with the participants. Each table will be hosted by a brand owner (see below), who will share their insights. Alternatively, you can just enjoy the drinks reception and network with your peers.

    Informal round table discussions:

    Moderator: Angela Hultberg, Head of Sustainable Mobility, IKEA Group - “How to involve the end customer in making packaging a circular resource

    Moderator: Jonne Hellgren, Managing Director, RePack  - “Reusable packaging” 

    Moderator: David van der Lei, Global E-commerce Lead / International Trade Marketing Director, Perfetti Van Melle - “How to reduce E-com carbon footprint

    Moderator: Elisa Pogliano, Digital & Omnichannel Director, Europe, Mattel - “Digital eCommerce assets on a product detail page & how they have to effectively replace packaging for the online shopping experience?”

    Moderator: Stuart Heffernan, Head of eBusiness, Pernod Ricard - “What roles does a packaging and marketing team have in ensuring that online shoppers have the best possible experience with brands

Wednesday 27 March

Wednesday 27 March

  1. Registration & welcome refreshments

  2. Chair's opening remarks

Session 5 - Omnichannel

  1. Panel: Packaging design in an omnichannel world

    Panel featuring Pernod Ricard, Perfetti Van Melle, Mondelēz, ASB Greenworld, McKinsey

    What does omnichannel mean? What type of channels are generally being distinguished here?
    What are some of the challenges in managing different channels? What conflicts arise?
    Do you have/need one omnichannel approach or a series of channel specific strategies? What is shared vs what is customized?
    Should packaging be designed or adjusted to withstand all channels or is it more channel-specific?
    What are examples and lessons learned?

    Moderator: Virginie Maes, Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Amcor


    Stuart Heffernan, Head of eBusiness, Pernod Ricard
    David van der Lei, Global E-commerce Lead / International Trade Marketing Director; Perfetti Van Melle
    Roberta Fabretti, eCommerce Marketing Lead, Mondelēz International – Europe
    Jürgen Strohhäcker, Marketing Manager, ASB Greenworld
    Julia Spielvogel, Partner, McKinsey



Session 6 - Design and innovations in packaging for e-commerce

  1. How to create a memorable unboxing experience – the wow factor

    Elisa Pogliano | Digital & Omnichannel Director, Europe of Mattel, UK

    • How the “moments of truth” model is changing with Omnichannel shopping, and why brands should take notice
    • Packaging design for the shelf vs packaging design for eCommerce
    • YouTube & the unboxing craze
  2. Networking refreshments break

  3. Arrival of the fittest: evolving packaging for e-commerce

    Brent Lindberg | Founder and Principal of Fuseneo, USA

    • How the e-com journey impacts your products
    • What Amazon's new standards mean for your brand
    • Overcoming challenges such as shipping liquids

    Packaging has come a long way from its humble beginnings. It has developed eye-catching features to stand out in its natural habitat, and better defense mechanisms to defend products. But Amazon is a very different environment with new challenges and no room for inefficiencies. How must your packaging adapt in order to survive? What can we learn from the history of parcel retail, and what does the future look like?


  4. Innovation panel

    Seven-minute presentations to present innovative solutions, followed by a panel discussion and audience Q&A; speakers include Garçon Wines, BOBST, Amcor, EVRYTHNG and Magic Add

    21st century wine bottles for ecommerce and the 'Amazon generation' - innovation respecting tradition with sustainability at its core
    Santiago Navarro, CEO & Co-Founder, Garçon Wines

    The latest innovations for e-commerce corrugated packages production
    From customized to standardized e-commerce boxes, right size, safer and robust production
    Printing various e-commerce boxes sizes with simple text or high-graphics, consistently and with security features.
    Flexibility, productivity and zero-fault packaging production shaping the future of e-commerce packaging
    Francois Martin, Senior Communication Advisor, BOBST Group

    #Born digital every physical product joins the digital age
    The world’s leading packaging giants have come together to create a new digital ecosystem.
    Consumer products are being #BornDigital, with digital identities embedded as they are made, making it easy for brands to rapidly deploy digitized products at mass scale.
    Niall Murphy, Co-founder and CEO, EVRYTHNG

    Packaging for a new world
    Packaging that is 100% consumer centric, 100% omni-channel ready and 100% sustainable to our customers and consumers
    Luca Zerbini, Vice-President Marketing, Innovation and Sustainability, Amcor

    Internet of Packaging – the way to interoperability
    Ari Salonen, CEO and Co-Founder, Magic Add Ltd., Finland

    12:00 - 12:45 Panel and Q&A audience 

  5. Networking lunch

  6. Keynote - Is logistics the new retail?

    John Munnelly | Head of Operations, Magna Park Campus of John Lewis & Partners, UK

    • How John Lewis is reimagining the world of logistics, sparked by consumer demand for quicker and more convenient delivery
    • Exclusive case study on John Lewis’ progress to become a 50/50 e-commerce and bricks and mortar retailer by 2020
    • Inside track on how the retailer intends to fulfil its ambition in the next three years
    • Learn how JL have increased their penetration of Click & Collect to account for more than 50% of their online sales?

Session 7 - New materials and latest technologies

  1. Customer Touchpoint # 1 - brand experience packaging

    Uwe Streiber, Lead Packaging Management, Zalando SE and Michael Weber, Director Corporate Marketing, Thimm The Highpack Group, Germany

  2. The potential of right sized packaging in today’s empty space economy

    Santiago Soria | E-Commerce Right Size Packaging Business Development Manager of DS Smith, Germany

    • The Empty Space Economy: Discover the world’s most valuable commodity
    • Key findings of the study and their impact on sustainability, business success and customer experience
  3. The challenges of fresh products in e-commerce channel

    Andrea Questa | E-Commerce Manager Channel EMEA of Sealed Air, Italy

    • New value proposition on primary and secondary packaging for fresh products
    • A complete full offer able to improve e-food performance (shelf life extension, cold chain assurance and consumer experience) and sustainability
  4. Efficiency of converting in the age of e-commerce

    Allan Flink | Principal of Pöyry Management Consulting, Finland

    • Global manufacturing footprint changes in converting
    • Effect of the sensor technology development on the packaging value chain
    • Business implications of eCommerce on packaging converting business
  5. Digital printing brings new opportunities to eCommerce packaging

    Javier Quesada | Packaging Business Developer Director of EFI

  6. End of conference

  7. Chair’s conference summary and closing remarks