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Foresta creates intelligent systems for optimal reaction in real time. By combining industrial engineering and artificial intelligence, its applications at FMCG industry extract value from its complexity, for instance by providing optimal production plans that maximise customer service, improve capacity, cost, labour and inventory levels, all at the same time.

Foresta was founded by David Froimovich, Marcelo Vera and Benjamin Arias back in 2013, and include a team of math, industrial engineering, software and design veterans who share a passion for making this a better place to live in. Dozens of companies have improved by double digit their performance by using the recommendations from systems co-designed with Foresta.

Foresta is based in Santiago de Chile and has performed projects in Europe, North America and South East Asia. In parallel to FMCG, Foresta is currently teaming up with world-leading mining companies to help them reduce their water footprint.