About E-PACK Europe

Europe's first cross-industry packaging for ecommerce conference

E-PACK Europe 2020 will cover the full landscape of the fast-growing e-commerce packaging market.

The annual cross-industry conference provides a platform to for innovators and thought leaders to discuss technical and operational challenges for the e-commerce packaging industry in terms of:

  • Functional design and protection
  • Innovative and cost effective packaging solutions
  • New business opportunities
  • Advancements in materials and technology
  • Case studies from leading brands & retailers

Key themes and topics to be covered at E-PACK Europe 2020

The 2020 conference will have a strong focus on innovation, sustainability and a circular economy within the packaging for e-commerce industry. 
  • Global market trends, consumer expectation and regulation updates
  • Designing for sustainable packaging in e-commerce - gifting and personalisation, incorporating sustainable packaging into e-commerce operations
  • Supply chain optimisation - evolution of e-commerce delivery networks
  • New technologies to support sustainable e-commerce packaging
  • E-commerce material innovation and sustainability - recycling, reusable e-commerce packaging
  • Omnichannel, the future of e-commerce packaging - smart packaging, branding, sustainable marketing communications

How attending this conference will benefit you?

The overall market for e-commerce packaging will grow rapidly in the coming years, expanding at an annual growth rate of 14.3% from 2017 through to 2022. This growth will see e-commerce packaging including corrugated packaging, flexible packaging, protective and transit packaging reaching almost $55 billion in 2022.

The rapidly evolving nature of e-commerce as a sales and delivery channel is making it one of the most attractive areas of the global packaging industry, with brands, logistics companies, conventional and online retailers, converters and material suppliers all positioning themselves to take advantage of this.

Addressing this fast-changing market will require the overall packaging supply chain to meet new requirements. Companies must adapt and evolve packaging that meets all the needs of the market. Not only will the packaging be required to fulfil the massively growing market but the packaging itself must evolve. New technologies and materials need to be utilised to make packaging safer and more efficient, while considering the environmental impact of the waste and package disposal as well as supply chain efficiency.

Packed with first-hand experience, leading brands and retailers will be sharing their insights, best practice and lessons learned on their e-commerce packaging journeys at E-PACK Europe. 

The conference provides the perfect platform to stay ahead of the latest trends and developments making the biggest impact across the supply chain. Through a mix of case studies, interactive panel discussions and thought-leadership, leading experts will share invaluable industry insights and help you to discover solutions to your packaging problems 

Who could you meet?

E-PACK Europe unites the entire supply chain, including brand owners, conventional/online retailers, packaging converters, material and equipment suppliers, packaging designers, machinery manufacturer, logistic companies, recyclers, regulators, research companies, software supplier and associations.

2019 attendees included the likes of:

Stay ahead of the competition at E-PACK Europe

E-PACK Europe 2020 is a must-attend for anyone working within the exciting packaging for e-commerce sector. Join 200+ fellow industry professionals all looking to hear about the latest market updates, innovations and solutions at next year's conference 

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