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Session 1 – Unlocking insights, trends & implications from COVID-19
OPENING KEYNOTE - Realising the innovation opportunity in the new plastics economy
  • The Ellen MacArthur Foundation's New Plastic Economy Initiative and core principles for a circular economy
  • Why we need to move beyond recycling efforts and turn to upstream innovation
  • Ellen MacArthur Foundation's targeted effort on elimination, reuse and material selection: benefits, challenges, and best practice case examples

Ambrogio Miserocchi | Senior Analyst, Ellen MacArthur Foundation
KEYNOTE: Beyond COVID-19: The next normal for packaging design
Presented by;

David Feber, Partner, McKinsey & Company
Daniel Nordigarden, Associate Partner - Detroit, McKinsey & Company
David Feber | Partner, McKinsey & Company
Rethinking Packaging in E-Commerce Supply Chains
  • An in-depth look at the trends and innovations that are driving change in packaging within the next years and in a post-COVID world
  • An overview of current packaging innovation and inspire you to consider new approaches to your own packaging challenges

Michel Heck | Innovation Manager, DHL
Boosting your consumers perception and online (re-) sales with sustainable packaging in the new normal
  • The impact of COVID-19 on consumer perception of packaging and parcels
  • How can packaging affect brand perception and repeat purchases
  • Sustainability at the core of your packaging design
  • Based on real consumer experiences and Smurfit Kappa consumer research
  • Supply chain requirements: solving the Omni channel challenge and shipping the right sized parcel

Herwin Wichers | Market Development Director, Smurfit Kappa
Networking break
Session 2 - Designing sustainable e-commerce packaging
Interactive Q&A session: How to design sustainable e-commerce packaging and how it has been affected by the COVID-19
  • Lights on design sustainable e-commerce packaging during and post-COVID-19
  • How to design right from the start to make better choices?
  • Can e-commerce packaging be sustainable?
Speakers including;
Matti Rantanen, Manging Director, FEPE
Tommi Lehtisalo, Business Manager, Paptic Ltd
Willemijn Peeters, Founder and CEO, Searious Business
Eliana Atramiz, Technology Development Manager, Amcor
Chaired by: Liz Logue, VP Corporate Development,Inkjet Strategy, EFI
Session 3 – Novelties & new technologies
Ecommerce: Where Sustainability Meets Digitalization
  • How Amcor bridges packaging needs for ecommerce with its enabling technologies, highlighting Sustainability and Digitalization

Yi Jiang | Director, Ecommerce and Business Development, Amcor
Co-presentation: Sustainability; a function of modern business
Businesses that don’t address sustainability will be left behind
Technology, efficiency and sustainability are entwined and not exclusive of each other
  • Learn how a successful business has adopted technology to boost an already exemplary sustainability track record
  • What social distancing means for ecommerce operations and how automated packaging can help

Speakers include;
Hedde Biesma, Director of Marketing EU, Quadient
Adam Hall, Head of Sustainability, Internet Fusion Group
Hedde Biesma | Director of Marketing EU, Quadient
Let’s get digital!
  • Link products and parcels to the internet, IN A SMART WAY
  • Manage your joint supply chain processes in more detail
  • Link online consumers to your products
  • Be ready for the circular economy

Frits Van Den Bos | Manager Innovation, GS1 Nederland
Loop's pioneering reuse platform
  • Loop: who we are
  • The problem and Loop's  solution
  • How Loop helps brands and retailers develop durable supply chains
  • How Loop's reuse model works in practice

Edward Thorne | Head of Business Development, LOOP as part of TerraCycle
Session 4 – Supply chain initiatives: how e-commerce is driving sustainability?
FIRESIDE CHAT INTERVIEW: Views from Google on the importance of customer experience online
  • Deep into the importance of customer experience online with implications for packaging
  • Exploring some views on the COVID-19 from Google

Miguel M. Avalos | Head of Commerce Product Marketing & Digital Acceleration Programs, Google
OPENING KEYNOTE: From minimisation to reuse and elimination - packaging development at Zalando
  • Recap how to come to re-usable packaging proposal (what was the question/ challenge behind this)
  • Pilot case in detail, road blockers, challenges during the pilot
  • First outcome, finding, learnings and possible next steps

Uwe A. Streiber | Lead Warehouse Consumables, Zalando SE
KEYNOTE: The single use plastics project: reducing and eliminating single use plastics from the outdoor industry
• How organisations could make serious changes to their operations to permit better Single-use plastics systems during COVID-19
Scott Nelson | Programme Manager, European Outdoor Group (EOG)
Networking break
Shop, pack, bin and shop again – circularity and e-packaging
  • Recyclability and use of recycled materials in packaging – nearly all materials can be recycled; should there be minimum recycled content requirements for boxes and bags
  • Market drivers – regulations, brand owners and consumer demands: long-term or sudden
  • Waste management systems vs. the brand owners’ green aspirations – country differences and global supply chains

Olivier Thomas | CEO, Suez Trading
Co-presentation: Impressive and eco-friendly e-commerce packaging gets positive response
  • The most important function of a packaging is to protect its contents – this is valid also in e-commerce
  • A successful e-commerce packaging creates a positive opening experience and triggers repurchasing
  • When the packaging has served its function it should be easily recyclable
  • Digitally printed corrugated boxes make shareable impressions and protect the contents sustainably
Speakers include;

Ilkka Harju, Packaging Services Director, Metsä Board
Tomi Havia, Display and Brand Manager, Adara Oy
Ilkka Harju | Packaging Services Director, Metsä Board
Session 5 –New commercial modules that impact the E-commerce packaging world
How the global pandemic impacted the E-Commerce packaging world
• Statistics on new European digital buyers since the pandemic and how this would resonate to the industry 
• Researches are indicated that 2 out of every 3 new digital buyers will stick to this new way of purchasing
• Insights on the new categories that have had unprecedented since the pandemic
• Growing concerns from consumers about contracting Covid-19 from food packaging
Tania Montesi | Business Development and E-Commerce Packaging Manager, H.B. Fuller
E-Commerce as an additional sales channel in cosmetics – implications and solutions for a global CPG
  • How does it need to be designed: design-in E-Com readiness, retrofit, delegate retrofitting
  • What does it do to the portfolio & supply chain
  • How do packs need to be qualified and tested
  • The tension of designing for consumer and / or Courier shipment
  • What are the implication for the manufacturing environment
  • Listening to consumers, what does feedback do to you

Hauke Schormair | Senior Manager Packaging R&D, Professional Beauty , The Wella Company
The impact of Covid19 on Packaging
  • DS Smith - Redefining packaging for a changing world
  • Covid 19 impact on consumer perceptions related to packaging
  • Redefining packaging for the changing world of e-Commerce

Marlena Hardy | E-Commerce Packaging Business Development Manager and Regional Category Manager, DS Smith
Session 6 – The practice of true product stewardship and compostable packaging
Better together: finding creative solutions to product stewardship during and post-COVID-19
  • How COVID19 has accelerated the move towards purchasing online, leading to increased demand for eCommerce packaging
  • The introduction of two radical new mailing satchel designs to facilitate reuse
  • The experience of launching a collection network for compostable packaging
  • A true focus on reducing carbon footprint
  • New standards for sustainability in packaging by driving transparent communication and innovative design

Kate Bezar | Co-founder , The Better Packaging Co.

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