2020 Agenda

Smithers regrets to inform you that E-PACK Europe 2020 has been officially postponed.

We are currently working to confirm new dates and will provide you with updated information as soon as it becomes available!

Pre-conference workshop - 21 April

Pre-conference site visit and workshop

Site visit and workshop to Smurfit Kappa Global Experience Centre, Schiphol Airport Amsterdam

  • The Smurfit Kappa Global Experience Centre is the largest packaging experience centre in the world, it has 2500+ m2 of floor space fully focusing on emerging the visitors to experience what paper based packaging can do for them.
  • An experiential workshop will be part of the visit for people to see and experience (eCommerce) packaging in all the stages of the supply chain, from packing hall to logistical shipping to consumers receival at home. With Smurfit Kappa's unique User experience Lab we are able to capture, measure and analyse your products' functional performance, its visibility and brand presence as if being in the consumers home, during the packing process or any other part of the supply chain.

Workshop leader: Herwin Wichers, Market Development Director, Smurfit Kappa, The Netherlands


Provisional schedule 

  1. Registration

  2. Transfer from hotel to Smurfit Kappa Global Experience Centre

  3. Site visit and workshop

  4. Transfer back to hotel

Day 1 - Wed 22 April

Wednesday 22 April

  1. Registration and welcome refreshments

  2. Chair’s opening remarks

    Jim Chrzan | Vice President of Content and Brand Strategy of PMMI Media Group

Session 1 – Global market and consumer trends, regulations and sustainability

  1. OPENING KEYNOTE - Realising the innovation opportunity in the new plastics economy

    Leela Dilkes-Hoffman | Senior Research Analyst of Ellen MacArthur Foundation, UK

    The Ellen MacArthur Foundation's New Plastic Economy Initiative and core principles for a circular economy
    Why we need to move beyond recycling efforts and turn to upstream innovation
    Ellen MacArthur Foundation's targeted effort on elimination, reuse and material selection: benefits, challenges, and best practice case examples

  2. New DHL trend report on packaging

    Michel Heck | Innovation Manager, Trend Research of DHL, Germany

  3. Boosting consumer perception and online (re-) sales using the right sustainable packaging experience

    Herwin Wichers | Market Development Director of Smurfit Kappa, The Netherlands

    The impact of Packaging on brand perception and repeat purchases
    Make sustainability the core of your packaging design
    Consumer experiences and Smurfit Kappa Research
    Supply chain requirements: solving the Omni channel challenge and shipping the right sized parcel

  4. Morning networking break

Session 2 -Designing sustainable e-commerce packaging

  1. KEYNOTE: Case study

    Ulrika Nordvall Bardh | Circular Strategy Lead Non Commercial Goods of H&M Group, Sweden

  2. Boring brown boxes or high quality print boxes for e-commerce? Marketing of e-commerce packaging

    David van der Lei | Global E-commerce Lead/International Trade Marketing Director of Perfetti Van Melle Group, The Netherlands

  3. Case study

    Speaker to be confirmed

  4. How does impulse purchasing work in the online shopping space, and what strategies can be adopted to create new purchasing opportunities?

    Richard Walzer I Principal Designer, EMEA of Mars Wrigley and Peter Booth I Principal Director of Tin Horse Design, UK

    How how gifting and personalisation is creating new ways for businesses to attract consumers and engage them with our brands
    Explore the role of impulse and show strategies that create new purchasing opportunities sharing some recent cases studies

  5. PANEL and Q&A session: How to design sustainable e-commerce packaging?

    Featuring: Barilla, Reckitt Benckiser, FEPE and more panellists to be confirmed

    How to design right from the start to make better choices?
    Can e-commerce packaging be sustainable?
    What eco-packaging options are available?

    Panellists including:
    Michele Amigoni, GRDQ Vice President – Global Packaging, Barilla G. e R. Fratelli S.p.A., Italy, Krzysztof Krajewski, Head of Packaging Innovation (R&D), Reckitt Benckiser, The Netherlands
    Matti Rantanen, Manging Director, FEPE, Belgium

    More panellists to be confirmed 


  6. Networking lunch

Session 3 – Sustainable innovations for e-commerce packaging

  1. KEYNOTE: Case study

    Siti van Elk | Product Manager of Ace & Tate, The Netherlands

    • How the outcome of our life cycle assessment has put us to work
    • The 3 R's we use as a compass that guides tough decisions: reducing, reusing and recycling.
    • How to develop, and use, as little packaging as possible without harming the customer experience.
  2. How packaging choices can help you improve sustainability and efficiency

    Philip Wirsen | Global Strategy & Channel Leader of Tetra Pak, France

    Ecommerce is the fastest growing retail channel within food and beverage
    The growth is bringing on new sustainability challenges
    The right choice of packaging can help alleviate some of pressures that are arising

  3. How packaging technologies address challenges in ecommerce

    Natasha Mlotok, Strategic and Segment Marketing Director, Switzerland and Yi Jiang, Director, Ecommerce and Business Development, Amcor, Switzerland

  4. Q&A session

  5. Afternoon networking break

TRACK A - How new sustainable technologies are helping to transform e-commerce business

  1. E-commerce - the digital revolution and Estee Lauder

    Mauro Alladio I Business and Supply Chain Manager EMEA of Estee Lauder, Joe Hornstein I CEO of Global Custom Source, USA and Simon Goldsack I Worldwide Brand Innovation Manager of HP Inc., USA

  2. Technologies that support sustainable e-commerce packaging

    Elizabeth Staab | Marketing Manager of H.B. Fuller, Germany

  3. From Amazon to China

    Olivier Thomas | CEO of Suez Trading, France

  4. Q&A session

  5. Chairs closing remark

  6. Networking drinks reception

TRACK B - Material innovations and state-of-the-art packaging solutions

  1. Packaging for a circular bio economy

    Karl Axnäs | Senior Innovation & Business Development Manager of Stora Enso AB, Sweden

    E-commerce packaging materials and sustainability
    Generation Z perspective
    Flexible and sustainable: the ePaperBag

  2. Packaging is part of the solution - Case study: A TCO Approach to sustainability

    Thierry De Vleminck I International Key Account Manager of Mondi Paper Bags, Mondi Maastricht N.V. , The Netherlands and Tarik Aniba I Sales and Marketing Director of Mondi Corrugated Solutions GmbH, Austria

    Examining the value chain with sustainable packaging innovations that can help e-commerce retailers navigate this disruption in the market.

  3. Impressive and eco-friendly e-commerce packaging gets positive response

    Ilkka Harju I Packaging Services Director of Metsä Board, and Sara Raikamo I CEO of Pa-Hu Oy, Finland

    The most important function of a packaging is to protect its contents – this is valid also in e-commerce
    A successful e-commerce packaging creates a positive opening experience and triggers repurchasing
    When the packaging has served its function it should be easily recyclable
    Digitally printed corrugated boxes make shareable impressions and protect the contents sustainablyCase Pa-Hu: Commercializing Elastic cardboard packaging

  4. Can sustainable protective packaging strengthen your brand

    Manuel Fernandez | Product Promotion Manager EU of Storopack, France

    • Facts & Figures about the bad image of plastics
    • Alternative products by Storopack (products made from recycled and renewable raw materials)
    • Case Study Arvato – cooperation Arvato & Storopack 
  5. Chairs closing remark

  6. Networking drinks reception

Day 2 - Thur 23 April

Thursday 23 April

  1. Registration and welcome refreshments

  2. Chair’s opening remarks

  3. FIRESIDE CHAT INTERVIEW: Importance of customer experience online, with implications for packaging

    Miguel M. Avalos | EMEA Head of Ads Vertical Product Marketing & Revenue Programs of Google, UK

Session 4 - Supply chain initiatives - how e-commerce is driving sustainability

  1. KEYNOTE: From minimisation to reuse and elimination - packaging development at Zalando

    Uwe A. Streiber | Lead Warehouse Consumables of Zalando SE, Germany

  2. KEYNOTE: The single use plastics project: reducing and eliminating single use plastics from the outdoor industry

    Scott Nelson | Programme Manager of European Outdoor Group (EOG), UK

    Industry-wide issues require an industry-sized response. By acting together, the outdoor industry aims to make a significant impact on its single use plastic footprint. We believe that the plastic issue is complex and often oversimplified, favouring materials substitutions over systemic changes. Our team is implementing a system that reduces the quantities of plastics which end up with consumers, ensures that our materials are retained in the resource stream, and prevents our plastic packaging from ending up in landfills, incinerators, or the natural environment. We present the project as a case study for the value of pre-competitive cooperation in sustainability topics.

  3. Loop: enabling reuse for retailers via ecommerce

    Brian Matuszewski | Global Lead, Innovation and Strategic Alliances of Loop, UK

  4. Title to be confirmed

    James Harmer | Insight & Innovation Director of Touch –shaping things to come

  5. Panel and Q & A session

    featuring: Repack, Zalando, European Outdoor Group and Loop

  6. Morning networking break

Session 5 – Supply chain optimisation and sustainability

  1. E-Commerce as an additional sales channel in cosmetics – implications and solutions for a global CPG

    Hauke Schormair | Senior Manager Packaging R&D, Professional Beauty of Coty, Germany

    • How does it need to be designed: design-in E-Com readiness, retrofit, delegate retrofitting
    • What does it do to the portfolio & supply chain
    • How do packs need to be qualified and tested
    • The tension of designing for consumer and / or Courier shipment
    • What are the implication for the manufacturing environment
    • Listening to consumers, what does feedback do to you
  2. Title to be confirmed

    Hedde Bisma | Director of Marketing EU of Quadient, Netherlands

  3. Let’s get digital!

    Frits van den Bos | Manager Innovation of GS1 Nederland, The Netherlands

    Link products and parcels to the internet, IN A SMART WAY
    Manage your joint supply chain processes in more detail
    Link online consumers to your products
    Be ready for the circular economy

  4. Redefining packaging for the changing world of e-commerce. How to achieve the ultimate – a more sustainable, optimised packaging at lower cost to delight the customer?

    Marlena Hardy | E – Commerce Packaging Business Development Manager and Regional Category Manager of DS Smith, UK

  5. Networking lunch

Session 6 - Omnichannel and customer experience

  1. Better together : finding creative solutions to product stewardship

    Kate Bezar | Co-founder of The Better Packaging Co., New Zealand

    Product stewardship = Taking responsibility for the full life-cycle of your products and their packaging
    Finding creative ways to increase the % of our products which are re-used, re-purposed and/or recycled

    • By creating a collection network for compostable packaging
    • By facilitating cross-industry partnerships
    • By working closely with recycling partners

Session 7 - Start-ups innovations

  1. Enlarging the operating window with Paptic® Tringa material

    Tommi Lehtisalo | Business Development Manager of Paptic Ltd., Finland

  2. Title to be confirmed

    Giuseppe Prioriello | Founder & CEO of Packly, Italy

  3. More start ups to be announced (10 minute presentations showcasing innovative solutions)

  4. Panel and Q&A session

  5. Chair’s conference summary and closing remarks

  6. End of conference