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Expert interview - Mondi

Interview with Nedim Nisic, eCommerce Director at Mondi

A recent press article in the UK suggested that demand for corrugated boxes (across all market sectors) has slowed down in 2023, relative to several strong years previously. Is this trend also being seen in other European markets and specifically in the e-commerce sector? If so, what do you see as being the drivers of this and how is Mondi reacting to this?

The demand for corrugated boxes has slowed down in 2023 across various market sectors, including the UK and other European markets. This is due to a market correction after exceptional growth driven by the Covid-19 pandemic. While eCommerce experienced significant growth during the pandemic, it has moderated compared to previous years. Mondi recognizes these changes and is proactively addressing them by developing strategic approaches tailored to evolving market conditions. We remain fully committed to the eCommerce sector, focusing on developing innovative packaging solutions that enhance product protection, sustainability, and supply chain efficiency. We collaborate closely with eCommerce companies to meet their specific demands and contribute to their success.

From a customer perspective, what benefits can they expect when sourcing e-commerce packaging from a supplier that is vertically integrated (i.e. supplier of raw material and converting)?

When sourcing eCommerce packaging from a vertically integrated supplier like Mondi, customers can benefit from:

1. Safety of supply: Vertical integration ensures a consistent and reliable supply of packaging materials, reducing the risk of disruptions.

2. Quality assurance: Suppliers maintain control over raw materials and manufacturing processes, resulting in consistent and high-quality packaging solutions.

3. Closing the loop: Vertically integrated suppliers can collect waste and use it to manufacture recycled paper, promoting sustainability.

4. Ability to fulfill diverse needs: Vertically integrated suppliers offer a comprehensive range of packaging solutions tailored to various eCommerce applications.

5. Availability of sustainability data: Vertically integrated suppliers provide detailed information on the environmental impact of their packaging materials and processes, allowing customers to make informed decisions aligned with their sustainability goals.

What are the most exciting eCommerce packaging innovations offered to the market by Mondi right now?

Mondi offers exciting eCommerce packaging innovations, including the EnvelopeMailer and eCompack machine. These solutions optimize space, reduce costs, and ensure secure delivery for small electronics, personal care items, and books. Our MailerBags cater to the unique needs of the fashion industry, providing stylish and secure packaging for clothing and accessories. These innovations enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability in eCommerce shipping while meeting evolving business needs and ensuring a delightful customer experience.