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Speaker Interview - H.B. Fuller - 2022

Hear from Tania Montesi's H.B. Fuller

A taste of what delegates will hear from you at E-PACK Europe?

Consumers don't want to see plastic in their packaging, and our research indicates high majority of Millennials and Gen Z will avoid purchasing from brands that have plastic in their packaging. During our presentation, delegates will hear about our innovative products that eliminate plastic from e-commerce packaging, and add usable fiber to packaging.

Why did you chose to tackle this topic?

We chose to tackle this topic because plastic packaging waste is a problem. Today, standard film opening tear tapes create a delightful unboxing experience, but are often the only plastic component left in the packaging that prevents brand owners and e-tailers from reaching their plastic-free packaging goals. Standard film tear tapes are not recyclable and generate a high amount of plastic waste. In fact, plastic tear tapes create so much plastic waste each year that the waste can circle the earth more than three times. In response, we are launching an innovative Open SesameĀ® fiber-based tear tape that completely eliminates the plastic film.

What is the biggest challenge facing the e-commerce packaging sector?

The biggest challenge today is finding alternative to replace poly bags. They are flexible, light weight, and have barrier properties unlike fiber-based packaging. We are also tackling this challenge and will introduce our H.B. Fuller water-based barrier coatings that can provide barrier properties, as well as heat sealing capabilities. Best of all, our H.B. Fuller water-based coatings have been tested and have passed the Fiber Box Association part 1 test for repulpability.