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The future is packaging for e-commerce, plus DS Smith on the importance of right-sized packaging

With the world market for e-commerce packaging valued at $28.17 billion in 2017, and the sector set to see a lucrative expansion at a rate of 14.3% year-on-year from 2017-2022, packaging for e-commerce is one of the most attractive areas of the global packaging industry. Brands, logistics companies, conventional and online retailers, converters, and materials suppliers are all positioning themselves to take advantage, and now is the time for you to do the same.

E-PACK Europe will feature leading industry influencers and early adopters presenting their innovative solutions, case studies, experiences, best practices and more, ensuring that you are equipped with everything you need to know about this exciting marketplace. 

One of the topics set to be covered is right-sized packaging, and we spoke to Fabrice Clerc Renaud of DS Smith to get a deeper understanding of why this is an important topic to discuss:

"A recent study by DS Smith and Forbes on the empty space economy showed that 60% of e-commerce executives surveyed believe that their e-commerce packaging contains more than 25% empty space. However, 65% of executives surveyed believe they can achieve a packaging cost reduction of at least 25%, translating into more than $40 billion globally in potential logistics and cost savings.

From a customer perspective, delivering goods in smaller and optimised packages also improves their perception on brands and e-retailers. In fact, 71% of executives believe that customers are concerned about the environmental impact of packaging. A study conducted by Unilever revealed that for 33% of customers, the choice of brand is strongly linked to it's social and environmental impact"

E-commerce is changing the nature of retail, with sales in the e-commerce industry continuing to rapidly grow whilst brick-and-mortar sales have been impacted by the global economic slowdown over the past decade, so can you afford to not get involved? Other issues set to be discussed include recycling and sustainability, new technology developments designing for e-commerce packaging, innovation in the supply chain and more.

Companies already confirmed to attend include Mars Wrigley, Ecolean, CFP Brands, Mattel, Pernod Ricard, IKEA, John Lewis & Partnership, Amcor, Zalondo, Rakuten, RePack, Perfetti Van Melle and more, so this truly is the place to be for all those working within the packaging for e-commerce space.

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