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What is the future of packaging for e-commerce?

The overall market for e-commerce packaging will grow rapidly in the coming years, expanding at an annual growth rate of 14.3% from 2017 through to 2022. This growth will see e-commerce packaging including corrugated packaging, flexible packaging, protective and transit packaging reaching almost $55 billion in 2022.

The rapidly evolving nature of e-commerce as a sales and delivery channel is making it one of the most attractive areas of the global packaging industry. Brands, logistics companies, conventional and online retailers, converters and material suppliers are all positioning themselves to take advantage of this.

However, growing concerns over the environment and shipping costs in particular will change the nature of the packaging used for e-commerce. Manufacturers and retailers are working hard to create packaging that is fit for purpose. An increasingly complex supply chain puts higher demands on the durability of the packaging, whilst retailers are involved in a hugely competitive market where packaging is increasingly important as a means to product and brand differentiation.

Addressing this fast changing market will require the overall packaging supply chain to meet new requirements. Companies must adapt and evolve packaging that meets all of the needs of the market. Not only will packaging be required to fulfil the massively growing market but the packaging itself must also evolve. New technologies and materials need to be utilised to make packaging safer and more efficient, whilst still considering the environmental impact of waste and packaging disposal, as well as supply chain efficiency.

E-commerce is greatly reshaping the business landscape and affecting companies in all industries on many different levels, bringing new opportunities and challenges for all. It is important for companies to be prepared and knowledgeable about these aspects, and to find solutions in order to succeed in this market.

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