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gift worthiness through packaging personalisation - An interview with Mondelez International

Ahead of the much-anticipated E-PACK Europe 2019 Summit, in Berlin, we spoke to Roberta Fabretti, E-Commerce Marketing Lead at Mondelez International, to get her insights into packaging personalisation, limited edition packaging, industry challenges and more.

Your presentation will discuss “Online gifts - gift worthiness through packaging personalisation”, can you give us a sneak peak of what delegates will hear?

As a marketeer I will give you the brand perspective on packaging and how consumers perceive this in the e-commerce context. Mondel─ôz have launched some great examples of products that leverage digital printing and e-commerce.

Our challenge lays on our size: with brands so big, how can we micro manage (personalise) such giants of products at scale.

How does personalisation and limited edition packaging changes the game for brand owners?  

Personalisation and limited edition packaging materialise a sense of premiumness (affordable luxury) for the consumer and the resulting brand exposure is quite crucial. The exposure and visibility that we can reach takes ours brands to new spaces: such as gifting dedicated platforms.

What are the benefits of packaging personalisation and how it effects the e-commerce packaging industry?

The consumer is willing to pay more for personalised items. It is even better when the personalised packaging can be kept or retained. E-commerce does not necessarily mean personalisation, but this channel with dedicated sites lends itself more easily to pack personalisation.

How will e-commerce transform the role off consumer packaging? 

The products will be packed in a single unit pack. Sustainability is important and of course as well supply chain.

What are the challenges brands facing in the e-commerce packaging industry?

Supply chain, response time and footprint. 

What are you most looking forward to hearing about at E-PACK?

Some other major brands and industries, compare and listen to their challenges.

Why do you feel it’s important for people to attend E-PACK Europe 2019?

E-commerce will become the norm in the lives of our hectic and time-poor consumers, hence the growing need to deliver goods in a convenient and sustainable way.

Roberta's presentation at E-PACK Europe 2019 was on on 'Online gifts - gift worthiness through packaging personalisation'. Other presenters in the session included:

  • Keynote: The new age of impulse - Richard Walzer, Mars Wrigley Confectionery
  • Future packaging: Connectivity and consumer engagement - Shameem Kazmi, Britvic
  • The role of packaging in brand communication and acheiving growth - Abdullateef Almalouhi, Rakuten

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