2018 E-PACK Summit Agenda

Day 1 | September 18, 2018

Registration Opens & Exhibit Hall Opens

  1. Registration

  2. Welcome and Opening Remarks

    Jena Stout, Conference Producer – Smithers Pira

Session I: Market Overview: Setting the Scene and Introduction to E-Commerce Packaging

In the opening session, speakers will provide a panoramic view of the packaging for e-commerce landscape. Speakers will examine the global perspective of packing for e-commerce, packaging for an omni channel supply chain, package design for e-commerce, and more. The session will conclude with a panel discussion on innovations and challenges throughout the value chain. 


Moderator: Susan Bell, Global Vice President Strategy & Business Development, Sealed Air

  1. Setting the Scene

    Ciaran Little | VP Business Development of Smithers Pira

    A market overview and future outlook of the e-commerce packaging landscape.

    • Key players across the supply chain
    • Areas seeing the greatest growth
    • Global perspective 
  2. How To Sell Your Crap On Amazon: What Your Parents Never Taught You About E-com

    Brent Lindberg | Founder and Principal of Fuseneo, USA

    Not all products are a natural fit for the wild world of e-commerce; a land full of ruthless animals selling your products however they please. What can brands do when they find they have crap on their hands? What role does packaging play in all of this? Let’s roll up our sleeves and dig through the mysterious nuances of e-com so brands can stop shrugging and start strategizing.

  3. Meal Delivery Packaging Hurdles

    Rian Mabry | Director of Procurement, Packaging of HelloFresh

    Appearance vs. quality, and what HelloFresh is willing to sacrifice in order to ensure food safety regulations are met

  4. Panel: Packaging for E-Commerce Through the Value Chain

    Moderator: Sealed Air | Panelists Include: DowDuPont, Sealed Air, UPS and Seventh Generation

    • The B2B and B2C disruption of the supply chain and how B2C trends are translating over to B2B
    • The shift from pallet to parcel and how to best navigate and solve for the challenges 
    • Packaging solutions that support fulfillment and delivery

    Moderator:  Susan Bell, Global Vice President Strategy & Business Development, Sealed Air

    Panelists Include: 

    • Robert Guerrieri Jr., Market Manager-Protective Packaging, DowDuPont
    • John Wolf, Global Vice President and General Manager of Strategic Fulfillment Solutions, Sealed Air 
    • Thom Chow, Customer Solutions Director, Enterprise Customer Facing Team, UPS
    • Derrick Lawrence, Director of Packaging Development, Seventh Generation
  5. Morning Networking Break and Refreshments

Session II: The CPG Perspective

Travel with us as we explore the complex terrain of packaging for e-commerce from the CPG perspective. In this session, we will hear from CPGs who have cornered the market on e-commerce meal delivery kits, leading retailers, and household names, who’s products are now available with a click of a button. Take a deeper dive as speakers and panelists discuss key challenges, innovations, and forecasts for the future on the path to delivery.


Moderator:  Mike T Payne, Director, Packaging Innovation, Georgia-Pacific

  1. Panel: Consumer Expectations and Managing Cost

    Moderated by PMMI Media Group. Panelists Include: PepsiCo, and Mondelēz International

    This presentation will provide concrete data during an open discussion around consumer expectation vs. what CPGs can actually achieve from fulfillment to delivery.

    • Is there a disparity in consumer expectations from commodity to premium products? How are brand owners in both spaces addressing challenges in managing consumer expectations while tackling the hurdles of maintaining margins on low price point products?
    • Hurdles in packaging for ecommerce vs. brick and mortor
    • Innovations in omnichannel packaging
    • Complex Deliverables
    • Performance vs. appearance

    Moderator:  Jim Chrzan, Vice President of Content and Brand Strategy, PMMI Media Group

    Panelists Include:

    Rebecca Dominick, Senior Packaging Engineer, Pepsico

    Charles Halgren, Sr. Assoc. Principle Engineer RDQI Packaging, Mondelēz International

    Rob Dumas, Packaging Solutions Supervisor - CHIM, 3M Package Engineering, 3M

  2. Afternoon Networking Lunch

Session III: Pushing Forward in E-Commerce Packaging

In this session titled Pushing the Industry Forward, we will cover the rapid growth of the e-commerce landscape, and what industry leaders are doing to meet the needs of a constantly evolving ecosystem. This session will provide detailed case studies on packaging performance, and will explore solutions for meeting the demands of the “last mile”.

Moderator: Jeff Travis, Packaging R&D Solutions Team, American Packaging Corp

  1. Keeping Pace with Performance Demands in an Evolving “Last Mile”

    Eric Hiser | CPP Vice President, Technical of ISTA

    Fierce competition for customer loyalty continues to drive rapid change in how product is delivered to consumers.  As a result, the performance demanded of packaging continues to evolve.  Gain perspective on how ISTA is working with industry to address this challenge including:

    • Performance Testing Options
    • Research Initiatives
    • Industry Group Activity
  2. Packaging Supply Chain for in E-Commerce: Delighting your Consumer While Maintaining Efficiency in Supply Chain

    Liz Logue | Senior Director Corporate Business Development of EFI, US

    • Traditional process of procurement in packaging
    • Digital printing technology game changing effect
    • Delighting your consumers with a incredible unboxing experience
    • Leverage the power of customization and versioning
    • Technology and infrastructure availability
    • Enabling centralize designs & control but distributed cost effective fulfillment
  3. Ecommerce Growth & Consumer Behavior: What Packaging Providers Need to Know Today to Win Tomorrow

    Becky Donner | Senior Vice President, Marketing, Design & Engineering of TricorBraun

    Ecommerce is growing and it’s here to stay. With online sale of consumer packaged goods (CPG) growing at a rate of more than 50% year over year, brand owners have a tremendous opportunity – and a host of new challenges.

    During this presentation, Becky Donner, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Design & Engineering at global packaging leader TricorBraun, will provide an overview of the ecommerce opportunity for brand owners, the challenges and costly pitfalls that can arise when brand owners operate without packaging optimized for ecommerce, and why an understanding of consumer behaviors can help brand owners and packaging manufacturers provide ecommerce packaging solutions that win and lead to sustained brand loyalty.

    Topics include:

    • What’s driving ecommerce growth
    • Consumer behavior and lifestyle trends impacting ecommerce
    • Ecommerce pain points for brand owners and consumers
    • The Unboxing experience and the value in creating an authentic experience
    • Opportunities and challenges for brand owners
    • What it takes to win

    Becky leads TricorBraun’s award-winning Design & Engineering team to create innovative, insight-based and quality packaging solutions that solve brand problems to drive growth while meeting consumer needs.

  4. Afternoon Networking Break

Session IV: Innovations in Packaging for E-Commerce

In the closing session of day one, we will hear from industry influencers who dare to think outside of the “box”.


Moderator: Greg Tucker, Chairman/CEO, Bay Cities

  1. Packaging is the KEY differentiator for the eCommerce sector

    Dr. Karin Ferrante, E-Commerce Project Manager Pan American Sales and Jeroen Dankbaar, Experience Center Manager, Smurfit Kappa

    In this presentation, Smurfit Kappa will discuss how packaging decisions deliver success for e-retailers in the following 3 areas:

    • Optimization of the E-retail process by focusing on Speed and Flexibility
    • Efficiency of the Supply Chain through solutions that Optimize Speed and Productivity
    • Meet & Exceed the Customer Experience of varying Shopper Missions

    We will discuss ways to optimize the performance of your packaging across 12 different business areas, in combination with our everyday experience in Europe, Latin-America and North America

    Speakers Include:

    • Dr. Karin Ferrante, E-Commerce Project Manager Pan American Sales, Smurfit Kappa
    • Jeroen Dankbaar, Experience Center Manager, Smurfit Kappa  
  2. E-Commerce Drives Opportunity for Digital Print

    Robert Seay | Director of Digital Business Ventures of Georgia Pacific

    Robert Seay

    Package testing, speed to market, short runs, mass customization

  3. Revolutionizing Order Fulfillment

    John Wolf | Global Vice President and General Manager of Strategic Fulfillment Solutions of Sealed Air

    • Leveraging Your Strategic Fulfillment to Meet the Needs of the Industry
    • The Last Moment of Truth, Creating Brand Connection
    • The Unboxing Experience
  4. Closing Remarks For The Day

  5. Evening Networking Reception

Day 2 | September 19, 2018

Registration and Opening Welcome Remarks

  1. Registration Opens

  2. Welcome & Opening Remarks

    Jena Stout, Conference Producer – Smithers Pira

Session V: Creating Brand Loyalty Through Packaging

The question used to be, “how do brands stand out on the shelves?” and now the question we should be asking is, “how do brands make a lasting impression from the doorstep?” In the opening session of day two, speakers will discuss leveraging your packaging to create an unboxing experience, which is sure to engage and delight the consumer in the “last moment of truth”. 


Moderator: Derrick Lawrence, Director of Packaging Development, Seventh Generation

  1. Will E-Packaging Be What Remains of Brands?

    Claude Roessiger | Advisor of Infinity Global

    A contentious title that is avowedly provocative, it is a wake-up call to brands to understand that the transformation of retail commerce will deny them most of their traditional consumer touch points. Christian Blanckaert, long-time CEO of Hermès, identifies product as the number one of any brand. Grant that. What is number two in the new world? Media? And, three? The only thing that anymore provides the consumer tactile contact with the brand: packaging. Get this wrong, and the brand may not survive. Brands are about differentiation. Packaging ascends to a major role. 

  2. Augmented Reality, Text to Play and More in Interactive Packaging

    Greg Tucker | Chairman/CEO of Bay Cities

    • Current trends in online purchasing behaviors
    • Leveraging your packaging to support online business models
    • Using interactive packaging as a tool in consumer engagement
    • Solutions for reducing returns
  3. How to Tune Your Packaging to Fuel E-Commerce

    Danielle Sauvé, Marketing Technologists, Danaher & John Morrow, President of VinPeakAdvisors

    The “retail-pocolypse” is coming and packaging can help fuel the e-commerce fire. In this session, learn how product images and cohesive branding impact a consumer’s moment of truth when purchasing online to when it arrives at his or her doorstep, how to boost e-commerce sales and increase brand loyalty. Together with a CPG client, we will present a case study on tuning your packaging to generate consumer engagement, we will leverage data based on a research study we are currently conducting, and we will share insights and knowledge we have on The Moments of Truth.

  4. Product Packaging as the Center of a Winning Omnichannel Strategy

    Phil Stafford | Sr. Supply Chain Integration Manager of Digimarc Corporation

    Today’s consumers want more from their packaging, with 78% declaring that store packaging is not delivering the product information they desire. In addition, 87% of Millennials say they will purchase online if they can’t get that information during their shopping trip, resulting in lost sales to bricks-and-mortar stores and declining consumer loyalty.

    Product packaging with a digital identity makes it easy for brands to direct consumers to mobile landing pages where they can find the brand and product information they want. This new product-to-consumer interaction is a critical touchpoint in keeping consumers engaged across all of a brand’s selling channels.

    Attendees of this presentation will learn how a new advanced barcode makes it easy for brands to assign a unique digital identity to packaging that expands the current branding and product transparency capabilities, and results in increased consumer engagement and improved loyalty.

  5. Networking Break and Snacks

Session VI: Implications in Sustainability for E-Commerce Packaging

Take a deep dive into sustainability with industry experts. 


Moderator: Rebecca Dominick, Senior Packaging Engineer, Pepsico

  1. The Balance Between Durability and Sustainability

    Jeff Travis | Packaging R&D Solutions Team of American Packaging Corp

    Packaging for e-commerce applications must withstand the rigors of increased handling, multiple modes of freight, and increased frequency and abuse encountered with intermixed loads.  It must be sufficiently durable to get to the consumer as expected, yet the challenge is not to over design the packaging wasting precious resources and incurring increased freight costs.    

    Sustainability must be a top consideration when designing and selecting packaging for e-commerce applications.  Flexible packaging is one of the popular choices for primary packaging that offers significant benefits over alternative formats.  It offers a number of sustainable benefits offering more condensed storage, transportation savings, reduced material usage, as well as enhanced barrier protection. Flexible packaging is considered an eco-friendly option.

    End of life options for packaging is also a critical concern.  Is the packaging recyclable, compostable, reusable, or should it be sent to the landfill?  The circular economy sets forth a number of goals to recapture the value of packaging thru recycling, design for compost, reuse, and the increased use of non-petroleum feedstocks.  Brand-owners are establishing goals to closely align with this circular economy seeking improved options for packaging.  Flexible packaging is benefiting with an increasing number of resources focused on development of new material options and laminations that better enhance the durability of packaging as well as enhance the availability to sustainable options.

  2. What’s Going to Happen to all of Those Brown Boxes?

    Dennis J. Colley | President/CEO of Fibre Box Association (FBA)

    • What used to be the norm?
    • How is ecommerce disrupting the recovery of OCC?
    • Do households care? (household survey results)
    • What must change? (hauler and MRFs survey results)
    • What is being done? (work group sponsored by FBA)
    • Will it be enough?
  3. How to Identify Sustainable Food and Beverage Packaging Solutions: a Pragmatic Approach Supporting Complex Decision Making

    Sebastian Birke | Consultant, Account Manager of thinkstep

    The constant improvement of the packaging sector plays an important role in the food and beverage industry. The goal of the packaging for food and beverage is to maintain the organoleptic characteristics after the processing is completed. Additionally, packaging enables the transportation of food and beverages over long distances to the final consumer. The main challenge for sustainability in the food and beverage packaging industry is to find a balance between the most convenient  packaging  material,  in  terms  of  food  preservation  following  strict  regulations  on pollutant components, and materials with as low as possible environmental impacts. Other relevant components in this balancing approach are to find the most efficient way to distribute packed food and beverages, and an analysis on how packaging waste is treated after the food and beverages are consumed. The latter aspect supports the evaluation of activities about the “extended producer responsibility” such as take-back systems.

    To facilitate an environmental assessment in industry on a day-to-day basis, pragmatic approaches need to be designed to help project managers and their teams make informed decisions. Approaches designed for such teams bring disciplines together, challenge assumptions, drive the generation of key data and help justify decisions to senior management. Pragmatic tools allow the industry to utilize the approach to embed sustainability into their process and product improvements. The objective is to provide an easy-to-use tool to support decision making with the help of a comprehensive quantitative environmental assessment for food and beverage packaging solutions.

  4. Panel: The Circular Economy in Packaging for E-Commerce

    Panelists Include: Fiber Box Association, American Packaging Corp., Think Step, and Canopy

    Speakers from the sustainability session will discuss the circular economy and efforts in sustainability throughout all packaging sectors.

    Moderator: Dylan de Thomas, VP of Industry Collaboration, The Recycling Partnership

    Panelists Include:

    • Dennis J. Colley, President and CEO, Fiber Box Association
    • Jeff Travis, Packaging R&D Solutions Team, American Packaging Corp.
    • Sebastian Birke, Consultant, Account Manager, Think Step
    • Nicole Rycroft, Executive Director, Canopy
  5. Closing Remarks and Farewell