The Dow Chemical Company (Dow)

E-PACK Summit Sponsors and Exhibitors

The Dow Chemical Company (Dow) combines science and technology knowledge to drive packaging innovations that keep things secure, safe, and fresh. With a worldwide reach, broad product lines and industry expertise, Dow delivers high-performing technologies for end-use packaging markets focused on food, home and personal care, medical and healthcare, consumer goods, product protection and transportation.

As one of the world’s largest producers of polyethylene resins, specialty resins and adhesives, Dow is a leading innovator and collaborator across the value chain on sustainable application development and circular economy life-cycle design for plastics. With these technologies, package designers can partner with Dow as a one-stop shop to unlock new opportunities that can influence primary, secondary, or tertiary packaging fit for the rigors of e-commerce shipping and handling.

Dow solutions make protective packaging inflatables stronger for improved cushioning, rigid caps resistant to cracking for secure liquid containment, and pouch films stronger with enhanced seal integrity to ensure food freshness during shipping. Through its industry-recognized Pack Studios, Dow promotes collaboration and offers value chain partners the ability to accelerate development and prototyping of new structures with vast post-fabrication testing capabilities.

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