Enjoy a sneak preview of the 2019 Agenda!

This Year's Featured Sessions Will Include:

  • E-Commerce as the "New Frontier" for Packaging Innovation
  • Designing for E-Commerce Packaging: CPG and Retailer Perspectives
  • Optimizing an Omnichannel Workflow
  • Sustainability in E-Commerce: Regulations and Innovative Technology
  • The Last Mile in Consumer Engagement
  • The Future of E-Commerce Packaging

Plus - New For 2019 - this year's program will feature a brief series of  Service Provider Led Technology Pitches that explore innovations throughout the supply chain.

To learn more about pitching your latest developments as part of this supply chain "power hour", please contact Sean Walsh at swalsh@smithers.com or +1 330-762-7441.

What Can You Look Forward To Hearing at E-PACK US 2019?

The Impact of Anti-Plastic and Anti-Single Use Movements on E-Commerce Packaging Strategies

The anti-plastic, anti-single use plastic movement is impacting all aspects of the packaging industry including shaping attitudes towards e-commerce packaging. To right-size packaging and reduce weight, there has also been a response to shift to more paper/plastic and plastic envelope shippers. Not designed for curbside collection, few if any of these get recycled. The very visible waste impact of e-commerce can be seen in the piles of shipping boxes and envelopes on college campuses and at homes. New retail models and delivery models are emerging to counter the use of packaging and the use of e-commerce shipping packaging. To address the growing cost of managing ever more complex packaging streams - e-commerce packaging included - states across the US are looking at regulatory solutions like extended producer responsibility. During this session, we will look at some of these solutions and consider how e-commerce packaging may be impacted, including some of the new models being considered by brands. In addition, we'll discuss how the Material Recovery for the Future collaborative initiative may offer solutions to previously hard-to-recycle e-commerce packaging.

► Anne Johnson | Vice President Global Corporate Sustainability | Resource Recycling Systems (RRS)

Panel: CPGs & Retailers Discuss Design Challenges for E-Commerce

Leading CPGs will discuss how their supply chain and retailers can support them in complex packaging design challenges. Our panel of e-commerce packaging experts will be asked about:  

  • The extent to which e-commerce is front and center in their packaging development
  • The degree of consideration that is given to branding as they develop their secondary packaging
  • How retailers can better support CPGs in this space
  • Factors in secondary package material/design selection - specific to e-commerce
  • Minimizing footprint needed for warehouse storage
  • Protective value
  • End consumer/unboxing experience
  • Fulfillment velocity

Moderated by: Brent Lindberg | Principal & Founder | Fuseneo

Confirmed Panelists Include:

► Greg Vukin | Senior Sourcing Manager, Private Brand Dairy | Walmart

► Joe Fernandez | Senior Packaging Engineer | Vera Bradley

The Swift Arrival of E-Commerce

With iconic giants filing bankruptcy and closing doors at record speed, unprecedented category disruption from the likes of Amazon & Alibaba, as well as smaller, digital e-commerce only startups and unconventional partnerships forming daily, basic retail is in turmoil. However, our shopper is not! In fact, the shopper has more control than ever. They are looking for more variety and choice and demand a seamless experience both online and in-store. The expectation from the consumer is for a personalized and customized experience with instant gratification. This talk will review 4 things to consider as you think about next level innovation to win the hearts and minds of the shopper.

► Melissa Dandy | Associate Director R&D E-Commerce & New Business Models | Johnson & Johnson

Meal Delivery Packaging Hurdles

As the demand for meal delivery programs continues to increase, so does the need for innovative and sustainable packaging solutions that support the goals of maintaining food quality while reducing waste. In this presentation, Rian will examine these packaging challenges as well as dive into the age-old question of appearance vs. quality and discuss what HelloFresh is willing to sacrifice in order to ensure food safety regulations are met.

► Rian Mabry | Director of Procurement, Packaging | HelloFresh

Partnering for a Sustainable Future — How Mass-Scale Product Digitization is Boosting Recycling Rates

There is fast growing demographic of consumers who care about the environment and want to do the right thing. Our approach: Make it as easy as possible for consumers to find and understand how to recycle product packaging, and reward them for doing so. Our speaker will share how the advent of GS1 Digital Link and mass-scale product digitization allows brands and retailers to deploy recycling programs at mass-scale - boosting consumer engagement and trust, by delivering clear recycling information through smart packaging, and then rewarding socially responsible consumption. He will discuss - in detail - best practices of a successful recycling initiative at Carrefour supermarkets in Spain.

► Niall Murphy | Co-founder and CEO | EVRYTHNG

Stay Tuned for the Full Agenda Release to be announced in the next few weeks!

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