HelloFresh Talk Overcoming Hurdles in E-commerce Packaging

As the Associate Director of Packaging for HelloFresh, Rian Mabry will be sharing his experience with the hurdles that their meal delivery packaging has had to overcome with E-commerce. 

Rian recently shared some of the packaging struggles HelloFresh sees on a daily basis and why it's important for the industry to have an open dialogue around challenges that the industry is facing in the e-commerce space. 

1.  What are some common packaging struggles you face on a daily basis?

The most common struggle I find is with communicating with suppliers and potential new suppliers. As a newer company in a newer space we have so many unique challenges that they do not fully understand.

2. What is one thing you wish packaging converters knew about food delivery subscriptions like yours?

The urgency of developing more sustainable solutions.

3. Why do think it is important for this supply chain to have an open dialogue around challenges that CPGs are facing in the e-commerce space?

It is important because we can join together and help drive towards solutions. Many of the challenges are not unique to a particular company, helping to understand and share can benefit all of us.

4.  What are you most looking forward to hearing about at Packaging for E-Commerce?

How Packaging has grown as a result of the booming industry.