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The 2024 program is here! The 2024 agenda will feature speakers from Dispatch Goods, Mars Wrigley, Bloomberg Intelligence, Smithers, National Retail Federation, Westrock and more.

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Welcome and Opening Remarks
Brittany Onslow | Head of Events, Americas, Smithers
Session I: Market Overview – Trends and Current State of the Industry
Amazon's Growing Dominance in the Digital Commerce Leap
Digital commerce continues to rise and the gains are far from over with online sales as a percent of total US retail sales expected to grow to 33% of sales, up from 25%, based on our calculations. Amazon will remain the dominant share, capturing nearly 30% of all US retail online sales, but others are making strides too. Social shopping proliferation and generative AI are key drivers to the growing momentum.
Poonam Goyal | Sector Head & Senior Equity Analyst , Bloomberg Intelligence
Are consumers willing to pay more for sustainability?
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Session II: Brand Case Studies and Design
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Packaging designed with ecommerce in mind- how is it different from other packaging innovations?
Covid and the reach of digital technologies have accelerated the growth of ecommerce. Digital is an opportunity to reach more people than ever before, and packaging is the vehicle to meet consumer expectations and experiences. The strategies developed for ecommerce packaging can be quite different than those for other channels. There are both challenges and opportunities. The presenter will share some examples of how to best leverage ecommerce for growth and what are some of the main learnings to consider for informing future developments.

Paola Appendini, Ph.D. | Packaging Innovation & Breakthrough Technologies, Mars
Cracking the Code to Sustainable Packaging in E-Commerce
As the e-commerce boom reshapes consumer behavior, a pressing sustainability challenge lies at our doorstep: the mountains of packaging piling up at consumer homes. This rising concern demands innovative solutions from brands struggling to balance convenience with environmental responsibility. Join this session to delve into the complexities of e-commerce packaging and discover strategies to navigate its unique demands. Learn how to optimize packaging for both product protection and sustainability, unlocking a competitive edge while safeguarding the planet.
We will discuss:
  • Balancing product protection and sustainability
  • Tackling shipping optimization and logistic constraints
  • Reverse logistic strategies for successful returns and recycling

Thaxton Lipscomb | Global Lead Packaging Engineer, Kimberly-Clark
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Session III: EPR and Potential Legislation Impacts on E-Commerce Packaging
Legislative Impacts on E-Commerce Packaging
SB 54
Abstract to come!
Session IV: Retailer expectations for E-commerce
Panel: What does the future of Last Mile Delivery look like?
This panel will address AI, innovations, technology, app tracking, analytics, delivery concerns, potential future of drones, supply chain strategy, etc. Tune in to hear from last mile experts about where the future of delivery will go in 2025 and beyond.

Panelists to be announced!
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Session V: Innovation in E-Commerce – Power of Partnerships
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Ensuring Trust and Authenticity in E-Commerce: Protecting Packages and Brands Along the Supply Chain
Recipients must be sure that the package has not been tampered with along the journey from online shop/warehouse to customer. In addition, it should be ensured that goods sent are genuine and not fake products smuggled into the distribution network. We show how simple solution can protect image of online store stack holders and brand owners as well as health/trust of consumers along the SCM.
Dave Sandello | U.S. Vice President, Securikett
Session VI: Refill and Reuse
Moving from Online to Retail for Reuse/Refill
Abstract to come!
Enhancing Recycling Through Reuse and Refill
Abstract and speaker to be announced!
Networking Reception
Registration and Exhibit Hall Opens
Welcome and Opening Remarks
Next Generation Packaging Brings Reliability and Visibility to Supply Chains
Session VII: Circular Practices for Packaging
Save Money with Circular Packaging
Companies are starting to embrace a circular packaging model to meet carbon goals and reduce waste. However, circular packaging can also save businesses money. Jason Manasse is the Chief Revenue Officer of Dispatch Goods, a reverse logistics company helping brands launch packaging return programs. Jason will speak about why the circular economy is an exercise in COGS reduction and how it can save money on packout costs.
Jason Manasse | CRO Business Development Executive, Client Success Leader, Dispatch Goods
Session VIII: Automation and Innovation in E-Commerce Packaging
ESG, Sustainability, and Right-Sized Packaging... at what cost?
This presentation will address the intricate interplay between Environmental Social Governance (ESG) principles, sustainability objectives, and the adoption of right-sized corrugated packaging within supply chain operations. As businesses increasingly recognize the imperative of integrating ESG considerations into their strategic frameworks, the significance of sustainable practices and their tangible manifestations such as eco-friendly packaging solutions comes to the forefront. My presentation will focus on the relationship between ESG, sustainability, and the implementation of right-sized corrugated packaging as well as the bottom-line effects of these goals.
Liza Antolick | Key Account Manager, CMC Packaging Automation North America
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Right size and connected packaging to meet the e-commerce challenges
Customer challenges are ever-changing as industries reshape sourcing, production and supply chain to adapt to climate and geo-political challenges. To remain competitive, business models must factor-in persistent labor constraints, increased cost of goods and services, and shifting consumer dynamics (i.e. the shift to e-commerce) To be successful in today's multichannel retail landscape, brands and retailers are looking at right size packaging across the spectrum of their operations in order to automate work and optimize packaging. At the same time, inventory management, traceability and product authentication are now front an center capabilities to address leakages and inefficiencies. During this session you will learn how brands, manufacturers, retailers and co-packagers can further optimize operations and supply chain, reduce their carbon footprint with automation and recyclable connected fiber packaging to meet today's challenges, and deliver a more efficient, connected, and integrated business model.
Maurizio Carano | Marketing Director, Smurfit WestRock
Session IX: Paper solutions and coatings for e-commerce packaging
Evolution of Ecommerce Packaging: Unpacking the Future of Paper Mailers
Explore the next generation of e-commerce packaging through forward-thinking approaches to paper mailer design and composition. Gain insights into the strategic transition from traditional boxes to paper mailers and learn how to optimize paper mailers for enhanced efficiency, sustainability and consumer brand experience. Delve into the components shaping this evolution, from water-based barrier coatings to innovative tapes.
Tania Montesi | Global E-Commerce Manager, H.B. Fuller
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Closing Remarks