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Conference Welcome and Opening Remarks
Session I: Market Overview – Trends and Current State of the Industry
Opening Keynote - Realizing the Innovation Opportunity in the New Plastics Economy
Why we need to move beyond recycling efforts and turn to upstream innovation. Ellen MacArthur Foundation's targeted effort on elimination, reuse and material selection: benefits, challenges, and best practice case examples.
Leela Dilkes-Hoffman | Senior Research Analyst, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, UK
The New Rules of Sustainability
Before Covid-19 86% of Americans expected companies to stand for something more than just making money. 25% of us could name a brand we’d purchased because of the environmental record of the manufacturer and a third of us were actively trying to buy products packaged in something other than single-use plastics. The pandemic forced us into a giant reckoning and into new paradigms and behaviors we hadn’t ever thought were possible (working from home or not working at all, stopping our travel, growing our own food, reducing our consumption). The pandemic has also dramatically increased our expectations of companies as leaders and drivers of positive change for people and the planet. So what is the new normal? What behaviors will citizens now embrace as habit, what will they expect from the companies they buy from (especially as it relates to at shelf and E-packaging), and how will those behaviors and expectations shape brand preferences, purchase propensities and social media advocacy? Suzanne Shelton CEO of Shelton Group, the nation’s leading marketing communications firm entirely focused in sustainability, will share her firm’s latest research on these topics and recommendations for how companies and brands can set themselves up for success under the new rules of sustainability.
Suzanne Shelton | President & CEO, Shelton Group
Overdressed & Underprepared
People all over are relying on e-commerce more and more to get what they need. But in some ways the industry is still far from maturity. When it comes to packaging, there is a lot of opportunity for brands to do more with less. For instance, how do we keep fragile products in one piece, without using 50 pieces of padding material? Questions like these are a major focus for brands, packaging design firm Fuseneo, as well as major retailers like Amazon.
Brent Lindberg | Founder and Principal, Fuseneo, USA
By the numbers: The Latest in E-commerce Packaging Markets
This presentation will address smart packaging as well as trends and forecasts for e-commerce packaging from Smithers latest industry reports. Detailed abstract coming soon!
Benjamin Trent | Managing Consultant, Smithers
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Session II: Automation within E-Commerce and Smart Packaging
Session III: Omnichannel Product and Packaging Case Studies
Presentation To Be Confirmed
Presentation To Be Confirmed
Panel: How Are Organizations Shifting to Adapt to Omnichannel?
Panelists To Be Announced
Session IV: Returnability and Subscription Packaging – Is This the New Future for E-Commerce Packaging?
Reusable Shipping Packaging for eCommerce - Wins and Challenges
RePack is an innovative new reusable packaging service that offers a highly effective way to reduce your environmental footprint, lower your packaging costs and better engage with and delight customers. We have recently launched in the US and will launch later this year in Canada, after successfully operating in Europe for the last 5 years with 100+ eCommerce brands and 1000's of RePacks in circulation. In this presentation Mitch will address the RePack process, the wins and challenges this presents and how RePack is changing the single-use shipping methods.
Mitch Barlas | Director, USA/Canada, RePack
Incubating The Reuse Economy
The explosion of consumption and online shopping results in the use of more and more single-use cardboard boxes and shipping materials – which inevitably become waste. Despite this massive issue, brands and retailers have little incentive to invest in durable shipping options because there are no major existing models to recoup those assets. Loop is working with brands and retailers to create business models that incentivizes reuse.
Anthony Rossi | VP, Global Business Development, Loop
Panel: How Subscription Services Are Changing the Game with Product and Packaging Design
Confirmed panelists include:
  • Joyce Gagnon, Director, Sustainability, Grove Collaborative
  • Anthony Rossi, VP, Global Business Development, Loop
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Session V: Packaging with Consumers in Mind – How to Stay Ahead of What the E-Commerce Consumer Wants
Presentation To Be Confirmed
Presentation from AeroFlexx
Speaker Information and Presentation Details Coming Soon
Panel: The Future of Ecommerce Packaging Delivery for the Fashion Industry
The future of poly bags and delivery - is there a future for compostable? Alternative materials for packaging delivery? This panel will address what apparel companies are doing to improve their packaging from ecommerce orders and where the future of packaging delivery is going.

Panelists To Be Announced
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Session VI: The Necessity of E-Commerce and Speed to Market – How Companies Rise Up During Times of Crisis
Presentation To Be Confirmed
2020 E-commerce Innovative Packaging Product and Equipment Solutions
Co-Presented by Tania Montesi, Business Development Manager/E-Commerce Packaging Manager, H.B. Fuller and Daryl Emery, Director of Sales, Straub Design

How has the e-commerce market been impacted by Covid-19? As the e-commerce market continues to evolve in a changing world, new challenges demand new solutions. Tania Montesi, e-commerce business development manager at H.B. Fuller and Daryl Emery, Director of Sales at Straub Design will speak about how product and equipment can work together to solve customer issues in a changed world. Tania will provide a summary of the 2020 e-commerce landscape and the impact on primary and secondary packaging and share her market expertise on how these solutions can enhance packaging design and empower brand integrity while improving consumer experience. Daryl will speak about how equipment innovation can support evolving e-Commerce packaging needs through standard and bespoke equipment solutions.
  • 2020 eCommerce landscape – Trends
  • How Brands can differentiate themselves with:
  • Frustration Free opening – product examples
  • Enhance Packaging Design – product examples
  • Painless return-ability – product & equipment examples
  • Sustainability – product & equipment example
  • Improved Customer Experience – equipment example
  • Process Efficiency – equipment example

Tania Montesi | Business Development Manager/E-Commerce Packaging Manager, H.B. Fuller
Panel: Speed to Market, Delivery and How COVID-19 Changed the Way Companies Operate
This panel will cover multiple ecommerce companies who will highlight how they dealt with the surge of online orders, managing the technology aspect of all day fulfillment and capacity of orders, how they dealt with the supply chains struggling to keep up, last mile and more.

Confirmed Panelists Include:
  • Matt Van Gilder, Director of eCommerce, SpartanNash
  • Jonathan Crepeau, Director of Operations, Deliv
  • Speaker To Be Announced, HelloFresh
Lunch Break
Session VII: Design Challenges for E-commerce Packaging
Interactive Session - Exploring Challenges and Viable Solutions for E-Commerce Products and Packaging
Led by Katie Schomberg, Regional Market Development Director, Home Care, Aptar

More Details Coming Soon!
Networking Break
Session VIII: From Fulfillment to Delivery – Logistics/Shipping
Presentation To Be Confirmed
Presentation To Be Confirmed
Managing Your Supply Chain
Speaker and Presentation Details To Be Confirmed
Panel: Fulfillment and Last Mile – Then, During COVID-19 and Now
Panelists To Be Announced
Closing Remarks & Conclusion of Conference