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Session I: Market Overview – Trends and Current State of the Industry
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E-commerce is growing, but where is it going? This session will address long term trends and expectations which will impact packaging.
Formats and Store Design - What's Driving Retail Innovation?
When looking at retail across the globe, there are clear indicators that the industry is changing at an accelerated pace, especially because of the pandemic. We’ll look at the macro trends impacting the retail industry, from demographic and societal changes to the role of technology and the growth of e-commerce to the impact of the pandemic on shopper behaviors. We then provide examples of a wide range of innovative retail concepts that demonstrate what the future of retail will look like. The examples provide a practical roadmap to what it will take to win at retail in the future.
Amanda Lai | Consulting Senior Manager and Food Retail Practice Lead, McMillan Doolittle
The Future of E-Commerce Packaging
Driven by convenience, transparency and price, online shopping has become a major part of commerce globally. The online market is diverse because almost anything can be sold over the Internet and the size of a business is not as relevant as it used to be. Packaging has not quite developed at the same pace as the business models and the creative delivery methods, but things are happening and will happen in this area with lots of room for new ideas.

This presentation will provide insights on the market place, the factors impacting demand and the development of packaging geared for e-commerce applications. Topics will include:
  • What are the macro trends in this space, and how do they affect demand?
  • How is COVID expected to impact this market?
  • What is the global forecast for e-commerce packaging?
  • What are the drivers of demand and how are these expected to evolve?
  • Where are the opportunities and threats?

Benjamin Trent | Managing Consultant, Smithers
How Marketplaces are Reshaping the Packaging Industry
Marketplaces are a new business model that uses technology to enable better matching of supply and demand. In the B2C space, marketplaces such as Airbnb, Uber and DoorDash have become the dominant way to access accommodations, transportation and food. In the B2B space, marketplaces are rapidly becoming the new procurement tools for packaging, freight and many other products and services. In this talk we explore how marketplaces will emerge as dominant way for buyers to procure packaging, and how suppliers can adapt to this trend.
Stephan Ango | Co-Founder, Lumi
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Session II: Sustainability and Material Innovation
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This session will talk about sustainable practices, the impact on ROI from design and material innovation and propelling the commercialization of packaging that ensure e-commerce "fit for use".
Navigating the Amazon Packaging Currents
With an ever-changing marketplace and channel, Amazon's packaging demands and initiatives are constantly adjusting.  Hop in the boat for a ride through Amazon's packaging requirements.
Brent Lindberg | Head of Curiosity & Founder, Fuseneo
Recycle Every Box
With E-commerce growing at double-digit rates, the number of corrugated boxes being received at residential households is outpacing those being recycled.  What is the corrugated industry doing to reverse this trend and have this valuable fiber returned to the mills for the manufacturing of new boxes?
Dennis Colley | President/CEO, Fibre Box Association
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Session III: Design Challenges for E-Commerce Packaging
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This session will include design for subscription services, online orders, grocery, SIOC, etc.
Sustainability in E-Commerce Packaging – Sustainable Shoes in SIOC
Reducing 'Porch Piracy' through Package Design: Applying Crime Prevention to Product Design
Accelerated by COVID-19, consumers are having products delivered to their homes at a rapid rate. As package theft increases, retailers and shipping companies are experiencing record losses and reduced brand trust. This session will explain what is currently known about porch piracy, including findings from recent academic studies on package theft. Next, each stage of the last mile supply chain (e.g., retail/warehouse, transport, and at the residence) will be highlighted for areas of risk, focusing on how thieves locate and take packages. Finally, incorporating Situation Crime Prevention and Designing Out Crime concepts, the presentation will present solutions in package design to reduce visibility, opportunity, and temptation for theft.
Ben Stickle | Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, Middle Tennessee State University
Panel: E-Commerce Design - Essentials and Challenges
This panel will address some of the design challenges that engineers run into, as well as the essentials for e-commerce package design. Subscription service packages, grocery, SIOC and more are some of the examples that the panelists will discuss.

Panelists to be announced
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Session IV: Consumer Friendly Packaging and Innovative Design in E-Commerce
<Session Description>
Researching and developing new sustainable packaging that facilitates consumer use. This session will also highlight innovations within e-commerce packaging as well as new design.
How Consumer Purchase Behavior – Online, Click and Collect, In-Store Shopping, DTC Changes Packaging Strategies
Hear updates from the E-commerce Packaging Council (ECPC) - more details to come.

Panelists include:
  • Melissa Dandy | R&D E-Commerce Lead NA & Packaging Lead Sun, Acne, Make-Up, Johnson & Johnson
  • Brent Lindberg | Head of Curiosity & Founder, Fuseneo
Consumer Friendly Packaging and Innovative Design in E-Commerce
Today’s brands are delivering unique and memorable experiences with their e-commerce packaging. Insta-worthy shipper boxes keep current customers coming back and generate new business by earning social media buzz. Brands are also delivering sustainable and responsibly disposable packaging by leaning into recyclable corrugated.

Join Justin Stacey, a 20-year packaging industry veteran, as he discusses the innovative solutions his team delivers to the e-commerce market through, an online web-to-print platform for ordering custom high graphics packaging in any order size, and how brands are leveraging digital print to raise the bar on the consumer experience.
Justin Stacey | Vice President of Ecommerce Solutions, The BoxMaker
How Sustainability is Igniting an E-Commerce Packaging Design Revolution
As e-commerce embarks on its next wave of exponential growth, fulfillment centers and CPG brands are seeking to create sustainable and innovation packaging design to provide a competitive edge. In this 45-minute presentation, Tania Montesi, H.B. Fuller Global E-commerce Manager, will share sustainable e-commerce solutions that are tamper-evident, enable easy opening and returns, and use the least amount of packaging materials possible. With this approach, online retailers lower their environmental impact and differentiate themselves in the market.
Tania Montesi | Business Development and E-Commerce Packaging Manager, H.B. Fuller
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Session V: Navigating Packaging Compliance
Presentation To Be Confirmed
Presentation To Be Confirmed
Panel: Navigating Packaging Compliance – What do we need to know?
This panel will address the issues that come up for packaging compliance. How do these issued affect design and product development? What are some lessons learned?

Panelists to be announced
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Session VI: From Fulfillment to Delivery/Last Mile
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Post pandemic, we are so focused on delivery of online orders. We have seen the frustration that came around the holidays and the severe delay in on-time delivery. What is clear, is the underestimation of continuing to manage the supply chain and quick delivery. What can we learn, a second time around, for delivery and supply chain management during a pandemic? How will delivery change in the future?
Logistics and Fulfillment
Speaker details and abstract to come.
Panel: Fulfillment to Last Mile – Then, During COVID-19 and Now
The extreme surge of online ordering and delivery expectations from the 2020 holiday season caused frustration across the US. How has this changed last mile and delivery expectations and processing?

Panelists to be announced
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Session VII: How Has the Pandemic Changed Packaging and Online Ordering?
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The pandemic has changed the way we shop. In 2020, the pandemic has caused a surge in online ordering and subscriptions and created a new normal for many households across the US and globally. Is this the new way to shop for many consumers? What can we expect for the future of packaging?
Panel: How Subscription Services Are Changing E-Commerce Post Pandemic
Panelists Include:
  • Gaurav Kale | Director – Packaging Engineering, Blue Apron
  • Katarina Góis | Multidisciplinary Designer/Creative Leader, Independent Consultant
Additional panelists to be announced
Driving Omni-Channel Growth and Profitability
Reducing Waste in Packaging
Speaker details and abstract coming soon.
Panel: Help the Packaging Value Chain Help You and Fulfill Your Needs
Panelists to be announced!
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