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2019 E-PACK US Agenda

Day 1 | October 29

Registration & Welcome

  1. Registration Opens & Exhibit Hall Opens

  2. Welcome and Opening Remarks

    Karla Sharp - Conference Producer, Smithers

  3. Introduction to Your Morning Chairman

    Tom Egan, Vice President, Industry Services, PMMI

  4. Market Overview: The Future of Sustainable E-Commerce Packaging to 2023

    Stephen Harrod | Consultant of Smithers

    Stephen will be presenting the report published by Smithers Pira in December 2018 entitled The Future of Sustainable E-Commerce Packaging to 2023. This presentation will provide an overview of e-commerce packaging demand, key drivers of e-commerce packaging, sustainability, brand response, premiumization, returnability protection, and omni-channel packaging strategies.

    Stephen will also touch on last mile delivery, traceability and security, the global e-commerce market, and continued sustainability... recycled/recyclable materials, fit-to-product cases, down gauging innovations, reducing and eliminating waste, substitute materials, secondary packaging functions, and key subscription commerce (SubCom) take-aways.

Session I: The New Frontier of Packaging | Packaging for E-Commerce

  1. Case Study: The Swift Arrival of E-Commerce

    Co-Presented by Melissa Dandy, Associate Director R&D E-Commerce & New Business Models, and Laszlo Moharita, Global Director of R&D e-Commerce and New Business Initiatives, at Johnson & Johnson

    With iconic giants filing bankruptcy and closing doors at record speed, unprecedented category disruption from the likes of Amazon & Alibaba, as well as smaller, digital e-commerce only startups and unconventional partnerships forming daily, basic retail is in turmoil. However, our shopper is not! In fact, the shopper has more control than ever. They are looking for more variety and choice and demand a seamless experience both online and in-store. The expectation from the consumer is for a personalized and customized experience with instant gratification. This talk will review 4 things to consider as you think about next level innovation to win the hearts and minds of the shopper.

  2. Case Study: Meal Delivery Packaging Hurdles

    Rian Mabry | Director of Procurement-Packaging of HelloFresh

    As the demand for meal delivery programs continues to increase, so does the need for innovative and sustainable packaging solutions that support the goals of maintaining food quality while reducing waste. In this presentation, Rian will examine these packaging challenges as well as dive into the age-old question of appearance vs. quality and discuss what HelloFresh is willing to sacrifice in order to ensure food safety regulations are met.

  3. Networking Break and Coffee

Session II: Designing for E-Commerce Packaging

This session will cover the full scope of design challenges and innovations for e-commerce packaging from the perspective of CPGs and Retailers. Panelists will explore packaging solutions for both primary and secondary packaging.

  1. Panel: CPGs & Retailers Discuss Design Challenges for E-Commerce

    Moderator: Brent Lindberg, Principal & Founder, Fuseneo

    Leading CPGs will discuss how their supply chain and retailers can support them in complex packaging design challenges. 

    Moderated by: Brent Lindberg, Principal & Founder, Fuseneo

    Panelists Include:

    Joe Fernandez, Senior Packaging Engineer, Vera Bradley

    Sneha Patel, Global E-Commerce Packaging Innovation lead, R&D Consumer Beauty Division, Coty Inc.

    Ben Sadler, Packaging Engineering Manager (eComm Business Unit), Reckitt Benckiser (Hygiene Home Division)

    Nanneke Dinklo, Sr. Director, Marketing & Branding, Bay Cities

    • To what extent is e-com front and center in your packaging development?
    • How much consideration is given to branding as you are developing your secondary packaging?
    • How can Retailers better support CPGs in this space?
    • Factors in Secondary package material/design selection, specific to e-commerce
    • Minimizing footprint needed for warehouse storage
    • Protective value
    • End consumer/unboxing experience
    • Fulfillment velocity
  2. The Intersection of Food Packaging & E-Commerce: Why Our Food Cravings Have Gotten More Satisfying Over Time

    Ian Lifshitz | Vice President, North America Sustainability and Stakeholder Relations of Asia Pulp & Paper

    Years ago, food delivery packaging options were incredibly limited. With the rise of e-commerce, consumers can now use mobile apps to secure food delivery right to their front door. As the explosion of this industry has given rise to changing consumption habits, restaurants and their suppliers have had to challenge existing packaging options. In this session, Ian Lifshitz will discuss how the demand for high-quality food packaging has been impacted by e-commerce, including APP’s own experiences with brands like M Sushi and IHOP Mexico, who have a growing consumer base that values functionality and sustainability in creating an at-home restaurant experience.

  3. Networking Lunch

  4. Introduction to Your Afternoon Chairman

    Jonathan Quinn, Market Development Manager, Nova Chemicals

Session III: Sustainability in E-Commerce

Regulations and how they impact the e-commerce landscape.
Innovative technology in e-commerce packaging sustainability.

  1. Partnering for a Sustainable Future — How Mass-Scale Product Digitization is Boosting Recycling Rates

    Curt Schacker | Executive Vice President & General Manager of EVRYTHNG

    There is fast growing demographic of consumers who care about the environment and want to do the right thing. Our approach: Make it as easy as possible for consumers to find and understand how to recycle product packaging, and reward them for doing so. Our speaker will share how the advent of GS1 Digital Link and mass-scale product digitization allows brands and retailers to deploy recycling programs at mass-scale - boosting consumer engagement and trust, by delivering clear recycling information through smart packaging, and then rewarding socially responsible consumption. He will discuss - in detail - best practices of a successful recycling initiative at Carrefour supermarkets in Spain.

  2. The Impact of Anti-Plastic and Anti-Single Use Movements on E-Commerce Packaging Strategies

    Anne Johnson | Principal and Vice President of Resource Recycling Systems

    The anti-plastic, anti-single use plastic movement is impacting all aspects of the packaging industry including shaping attitudes towards e-commerce packaging. To right-size packaging and reduce weight, there has also been a response to shift to more paper/plastic and plastic envelope shippers. Not designed for curbside collection, few if any of these get recycled. The very visible waste impact of e-commerce can be seen in the piles of shipping boxes and envelopes on college campuses and at homes. New retail models and delivery models are emerging to counter the use of packaging and the use of e-commerce shipping packaging. To address the growing cost of managing ever more complex packaging streams - e-commerce packaging included - states across the US are looking at regulatory solutions like extended producer responsibility. During this session, we will look at some of these solutions and consider how e-commerce packaging may be impacted, including some of the new models being considered by brands. In addition, we'll discuss how the Material Recovery for the Future collaborative initiative may offer solutions to previously hard-to-recycle e-commerce packaging.

Session IV: Innovations Through the Supply Chain — Power Hour

This session offers 15-minute pitches on novel packaging solutions so brands can find out what’s new across the packaging industry.

  1. Technologies that Support Sustainable E-Commerce Packaging

    Rachel Gibbons | Global Business Director, Adhesive Coated Solutions of H.B. Fuller, USA

    With an increased number of touch-points along the e-commerce supply chain, packaging must be stronger than ever to protect the contents inside and prevent tampering, while meeting consumer needs for frustration free opening, return ready packaging, and curbside recycling. In this presentation Rachel Gibbons, Global Business Director for H.B. Fuller, will share functional solutions that enable your packaging to meet these demanding requirements.  She will share her market expertise on how these solutions can enhance packaging design, empower brand image, and improve customer experience while supporting your sustainability goals.

  2. Optimize Your Supply Chain with Digital Print & Production for Packaging

    Richard Brown | President of The BoxMaker and Fantastapack.com

    Digitally printed and finished corrugated packaging solves many classic supply chain challenges including extended lead times, high minimum order quantities, expensive initiation costs, and inventory obsolescence. Learn how to leverage this game-changing technology to optimize your supply chain by printing what you want, when you want, how you want.

     As an early adopter of digital print for corrugated packaging, The BoxMaker® launched the industry’s first comprehensive web-to-print solution for custom boxes, labels, and displays (Fantastapack.com) and presently operates one of North America’s highest capacity digital production centers.

  3. Networking Break & Coffee

  4. The Hidden Power of Digital

    Bob Miller | Director of Sales, Nozomi of EFI

    If you think shorter lead times are the only benefit of digital over analog, you’re missing new ways to connect with your customers. In this session, Bob Miller, Director of Sales for EFI Nozomi, will share insights on the advantages of single-pass LED inkjet technology. From expanded graphic and content capabilities to a flexible, sustainable production platform, learn how you can use the full power of digital to enhance your e-commerce packaging.

Session V: Collaboration in E-Commerce Packaging

  1. Case Study: How To Leverage External Partners to Enable Speed to Market and Test and Learn Effectively in eCommerce (Mondelez International & WestRock)

    Co-Presented by Kerri Clark (Mondelēz International) & Suzanne Abbot (WestRock)

    • The motivations behind Mondelez International partnering with WestRock: the need, the capability gap WestRock could fill, the projects and goals assigned
    • Case study examples for products or brands where key successes were achieved due to the partnership; and why
    • Lessons learned for other CPGs and Retailers embarking on an eCommerce journey and looking for 3rd party assistance


  2. Closing Remarks for Day One

  3. Evening Networking Reception

Day 2 | October 30

Registration & Welcome

  1. Exhibit Hall Opens

  2. Welcome & Opening Remarks for Day 2

  3. Introduction to Your Chairman

    Stephen Harrod, Consultant, Smithers

Session VI: Optimizing an Omnichannel Workflow

  1. Optimizing E-Commerce Packaging with Automation

    Kathy Allen | Segment Marketing Manager of WestRock

    As consumer demands change, packaging is a lever that manufacturers can pull to help them keep pace. In the past, packaging was used mostly for functionality, protection or branding; Today, packaging must address all of these and all at once.

    Rapid e-commerce growth has focused a spotlight on packaging – something that many brand owners and manufacturers had put on autopilot. For many, it is being re-prioritized to the same level of importance as the goods themselves.

    Due to variability in package sizes, volume, and increased labor pressures related to picking and packing, optimizing e-commerce packaging with automation comes with many different challenges.

    In this presentation we seek to address these challenges, as we review potential solutions to optimize your e-commerce supply chain:

    1.   End of line automation
    2.   Packaging on demand
    3.   Right-sizing technology
    4.   Fit-to-size automation (Auto-packer)
    5.   Mandrel-forming technology

  2. Collaboration and Innovation for eCommerce in Primary Packaging: Co-Packers As Spider in the Web

    Jonathan Jarman | Marketing Manager, eCommerce of Amcor Rigid Plastics

    While the primary roles of packaging to protect, preserve and promote have not changed, they have evolved with the increasing popularity of the ecommerce channel. In the grocery sector, we see a need to change and innovate primary packaging to address durability, sustainability, supply chain optimization, consumer engagement, and other consumer preferences like personalized items and unique promotional options. All this to enable the players in the value chain to capture savings and/or growth. The adoption of beneficial primary packaging innovations in manufacturing environments is however notoriously difficult, especially in a space where the volume tipping point has not yet been achieved for the larger brands. This is why co-packers will play an important role in helping brands and private labels meet lower volumes, unique selections and new formats, and introducing new product and packaging innovations. Co-packers have an opportunity to be the spiders in the web and the heroes of change as ecommerce continues to evolve the packaging industry. Amcor is therefore putting the copacker centrally in its ecommerce innovation strategy and we will present a case study with our co-packer partner, to share the innovation, but more importantly how the organizations worked together to develop a package that would allow both brands and private label to introduce packaging innovation in ecommerce.

Session VII: The Last Mile in Consumer Engagement

  1. Panel: Consumer Engagement via Intelligent Packaging Innovations for E-Commerce

    Panel Moderator: Virginie Maes, Vice President Ecommerce and Business Development, Amcor

    Moderated by: Virginie Maes, VP Ecommerce and Business Development, Amcor

    Panelists Include:

    Kerri Clark, Director - Global Packaging, Mondelēz International

    Scott Peterson, VP of Sales, eCommerce Solutions, Pregis LLC

    Phil Stafford, Senior Global Partner Manager, Digimarc

    This panel will provide brand owner, retailer and packaging converter perspectives and lessons learned around the use of intelligent packaging for:

    • Differentiating your brand from your competition
    • Simultaneously learning about consumer buying habits
    • Making your packaging a conversation piece
    • Optimizing your customer’s unboxing experience
    • Staying on top of consumer demands for transparency, personalization, and sustainability
  2. Networking Break & Light Snacks

  3. Ecommerce Packaging - Transforming the Customer Experience

    Liz Walsh | Director of Customer Insights, Packaging of Georgia-Pacific

    • Consumer sentiment is shifting in the e-commerce space. Arriving on-time and undamaged is the expectation. Consumers are seeking more.
    • The package itself is the one marketing opportunity that nearly 100% of consumers experience.
    • In a recent consumer study we identified key drivers of an impactful unboxing experience: personal connection, rewarding loyalty, interactivity, sensory engagement, reusability and minimal waste/recyclability.
    • Experimenting with new packaging alternatives in the e-commerce channel is critical for brands to better connect with customers, drive repeat purchase and increase social sharing.  Brands can rapidly test and learn in this environment by leveraging tools to track engagement with the packaging.
  4. Thinking Outside the… Bottle

    Co-Presented by Ashley Battle, Corporate Entrepreneur - North America Fabric Care, and Joe Bohache, Principal Design Manager, Procter & Gamble

    As eCommerce continues to rapidly expand, brands are faced with a difficult challenge to survive and thrive in this new direct to consumer landscape. This presentation will examine the recent innovation on shipping liquid Tide detergent, the Eco-box(tm), and how P&G went the extra mile to eliminate packaging waste and maximize consumer satisfaction with this revolutionary e-commerce packaging solution.

Session VIII: The Future of E-Commerce Packaging

  1. Nylon to Overcome the E-Commerce Packaging Challenge

    Dr. Hector Larrazabal | Business Development Engineer of UBE America Inc

    As eCommerce continues to rapidly expand, brands are faced with a difficult challenge to survive and thrive in this new direct to consumer landscape. This presentation will examine the recent innovation on shipping liquid Tide detergent, the Eco-box(tm), and how P&G went the extra mile to eliminate packaging waste and maximize consumer satisfaction with this revolutionary e-commerce packaging solution.

  2. Panel: The Future of E-Commerce Packaging

    Our panel of experts will take a holistic look at the lessons learned across the last two days, and then turn to future predictions for E-Commerce packaging: emerging trend that could change the industry in the short term, potential longer term shifts in consumer demands, technological needs to still be met and solutions required to meet E-Commerce growth over the next 10+ years.

    Moderated by: Tom Egan, Vice President, Industry Services, PMMI

    Panelists Include:

    Rian Mabry, Director of Procurement – Packaging, HelloFresh

    Rodney Manzo, CEO, Anvyl

    Jie Yan, Sr. Manager, Global R&D, PepsiCo

    Susan Bell, Global Vice President Strategy & Business Development, Sealed Air

    Greg Tucker, Chairman/CEO, Bay Cities

  3. Closing Remarks and Farewell